Just STOP! with the Blogger Competitions why dontcha

by Katie on December 5, 2012

It says as much about the PR and the client as it does about their attitude to social media and bloggers and how they are oft regarded as ‘landfill marketing’. What am I talking about? Why the increasing amount of promotional verbiage (and I do mean actual rubbish) that bloggers large or small, on or off radar, receive on a daily basis. 

And, I don’t mean well-meaning PR news and events information for which we are thankful. Truly. No, it’s the constant stream of ‘especially-for-you bloggers competitions’, lightweight social media marketing and promotional discount information (20% off! Wowsah! I may be being ironic here) that we receive every day. I often think, why? Do you also target print media as vacuously and non-discriminately? All it does is make the recipient question the brand, its positioning and its morals. It also often reeks of desperation. This isn’t engaging an already interested target audience, this is switching off a possible ally. Forever.

Throw into this mix the vast promotional email lists that you a) didn’t sign up for and b) spend countless amounts of time trying to unsubscribe from and you can see how this is frustrating. Let me say on the record that no one has time for this. New and shiny, eager beaver social media managers who use a press or blogger database to promote discounts or increase digital numbers as a means to increasing net sales, dream on. You are unintentionally damaging your brand.

In short, this is ‘please create a buzz about this and promote our brand by liking/joining FB/Instagram/Twitter feed lines to qualify.’ Thus, the brand increases their followers and status (cheaply) and then continues to swamp a body with even more useless non specific information. Do we look as if our heads zip up the back? Not only is this car-crash social media, it’s damn time consuming. And, time is of the essence in this blink-and-you-miss-it -at-your-peril age. Be warned.

Clever social media marketeers already know that it’s all about relationships. Engaging a targeted audience and creating a personality and voice as well as engaging content behind this is the golden ticket. Or, you wouldn’t have such heavyweights as Lucy Yeomans or Jeremy Langmead as Editors in Chief at Netaporter and Mr Porter respectively, for example. Or, Top Shop leading the high street by engaging an ex Burberry exec (and we know how savvy Burberry are re digital media) as their new chief marketing officer to drive, engage and integrate digital and bricks & mortar comms.

My plea is simple here. Before a huge brand or even a new launch to market employs a digital media or PR agency, check they know their digital and social media onions and walk the talk. Turn off bloggers and you won’t get us back on again.

If you want to read an even more no holds barred on this very topic check out http://www.iheartcosmetics.co.uk/

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