Robert Piguet’s Petit Fracas makes a worthy entrance

by Katie on December 5, 2012

My first reaction on hearing there was a Fracas flanker called ‘Petit Fracas’ to be released was one of unease. Anyone who has smelled the original, brilliantly re-worked version with it’s gutsy overdose of a vast, white, pink-tinged bouquet of tuberose, jasmine, gardenia, Bulgarian rose and orange flower doesn’t want this toyed with. Why play with classicism? 

However, the company who owns Robert Piguet Parfums is one of those rare businesses who place as much emphasis on being true to heritage as they do on originality & creativity. New York based Fashion Fragrances & Cosmetics Ltd have released a host of Piguet fragrances, all with distinction and, importantly, smelling of age. There’s a weight to them. They manage to encapsulate the feeling of an era in composition, texture and packaging while tipping the wink to modernism and appealing to a fragrance genre who appreciate tenure. Quite a feat. Surely, in those hands we could trust a Fracas flanker? 

The risk of proposing a new Fracas scent to the masses was no doubt filled with trepidation. The aim was obviously to appeal to a younger, feminine urbanite with a hankering for vintage fragrances but who still yearns for the ‘tartine & chocolat’ tinged sweetness of adolescence. The result was surprisingly huge. While Petit Fracas skirts around the playground of youth with its chocolate sprinkles, this is no girlish interloper. This is a fully formed and developed-in-its-own-right perfume of note. 

If Fracas isn’t quite ready to give up its unforgettable first impression, Petit Fracas is verging on its territory in a sweeter mode but equally as vampish. Not as full on as its big sister, our Petit version is pinker with Fortnum’s chocolate sprinkles and a big squashy squirt of citrus fruits and pear. Aah!, but do not be afraid meine lieblings. This can be used for sweet seduction in a concoction to tempt and tease with the best of them. She’s a sly one is Petit Fracas. There’s a hookline to this nipper.
Mlle Petit Fracas immediately took me on an olfactory journey. And a good one at that. This was like my first flirtation with Dior’s original Poison. So mind blowingly different from the market at its time of release that it was the fragrance version of Marmite. Love or Hate, you couldn’t ignore. While Dior’s Poison was dark, intense and mysterious, Petit Fracas is an accessible enigma. On application, you think you have a dampened down Fracas, but what you really have is a serpent in a bottle, ready to coil around your heart.
Petit Fracas has made me love her. And I say this as a bona fide Fracas girl. La Petit alters after around half an hour of wearing and becomes a beautiful, dark, sweet-edged concoction that stays with you. Like biting on hardened dark chocolate sauce poured over vanilla ice cream, there’s a moreish greed to this through the whimsical innocence. The faint aroma of musk and sandalwood through a chocolate sieve gives the recipe a sexy adult edge.

Petit Fracas may have been aimed towards a younger woman but she has a fully developed persona in her own right. And she will use this to ensnare Fracas lovers. Petit Fracas is an alternative bitter-sweet choice for those not normally seduced by gourmand fragrances. That little touch of sweet is the killer lull into addiction. Be ready for her.

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Perdita December 5, 2012 at 1:20 pm

This sounds amazing, I have always loved Fracas.


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