Coming In From The Cold (and not a moment too soon) – John Galliano

by Katie on January 18, 2013

They certainly picked a day to announce it. As London does its level best to go to for a snow wipeout, our stalwart fashion newshounds at Vogue were set to warm my soul to the very bone with the news that genius, showman, innovator, artist, creator and one of the greatest designers of the 21st Century, John Galliano, is set to return to fashion’s fold. And not a moment too soon.
John Galliano pictured with photographer Johnny Rozsa, with Ruby Wax in the background (from my own personal collection)
While others have waxed lyrical about J.W Anderson fronting Versus for Versace (a total dichotomy) and Alexander Wang at Balenciaga (both a travesty and the world’s-biggest- publicity-stunt-in-one. And now joined as a point of necessity by the brilliant Carine Roitfeld), we’ve even had the recent news of Rihanna fronting a collection with River Island to be shown during February’s London Fashion Week.* (*At this point I am physically rolling my eyes). It seems that an inspired creative injection with enough fashion class to cut through glass is what’s needed to inspire a fashion world hell-bent on focusing on brand-links and mass consumerism.
And here we have it. John Galliano is making his return with a temporary residency at doyen of New York, Oscar de la Renta’s design studio. We believe the pairing ‘may’ have had some encouragement from Ms Wintour and thanks be to God for that. It’s not the first time Anna’s stepped in to save John G. Remember when he was destitute, flailing and his London business had folded, when the golden fairy with the nuclear bob stepped in to ‘encourage’ trust fund owners to back John’s business in Paris? And subsequent genius collections under his own name and then at Dior changed how we view fashion.

Here, we’re still praying that Diego Della Valle now has enough balls and insight to reconsider Mr Galliano as creative director at the hotly anticipated relaunch of Schiaparelli. Just who else could carry it off with enough, dare I say it, chutzpah?

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John Frantsen January 18, 2013 at 3:32 pm

Good news and not a moment to soon. Nicely posted/said. I could not agree more.


Anonymous February 19, 2013 at 10:15 pm

So agree. He is a great genius and (except some press unfair manipulations) – amazing person. Cant wait!


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