Illamasqua’s Spring 2013 I’mperfection range

by Katie on January 26, 2013

MAC watch out as Illamasqua are after that big gold crown of your’s. They are proving themselves quite the innovators in terms of creativity, ideas, colour and technique while adding new slants on how beauty is perceived.

The edgy label founded by Julian Kynaston, with names such as Joe Corre as shareholder, Alex Box as Creative Director and David Horne as Head of New Product Development is all about thinking outside the box, taking make-up that step further and allowing free reign to individuality. And that’s why it’s attracting legions of fans. Illamasqua is like the ’80s original Goth/New Romantic who’s all grown up and savvy but is still hip and influential enough to make the big brands quake at their daring and attitude.
For Spring ’13, Illamasqua has cleverly taken ‘Imperfection’ as the key focus, emphasising those areas that make us all individual and unique and throwing a light on these as opposed to merely reducing and covering up minor or major faults. The play on words is important. Ilamasqua have taken this as ‘I’m Pefection’, meaning no change needed just confidence and belief to highlight who you are. To quote the team, “Because life isn’t about finding yourself, life is about about celebrating who you really are.” And it’s a winner in terms of colour, new techniques and empowerment.
First up is the speckled nail. Pale eggshell shades are shot through with matte glitter in different sizes. This makes for a cool, sophisticated, pretty look that can be worn and adapted by anyone. Shades of pale pink, blue, lilac, beige and green can be be used ombre style, painting on different shades at the base and blending with a differing colour to the tip. Simple and effective and so typically genius of Illamasqua.

The second idea that rocked my boat was the speckled eye. A feather like effect is simply created by adding Illamasqua’s Precision Ink in pure white and dotting this over a ’50s cat eye swoop of black liner (Illamasqua’s jet black Abyss). The look is beautifully dramatic and very easy to achieve. I’m taking this a step further and adding emerald green or bright purple dots and pairing with one of my vintage looks. Very 21st Century glam. Or, for another new slant, ditch the black and layer a pure white cat-flick eye with huge lashes. 
What I was blown away with was David’s new application re blusher when he gave me a personal tutorial on his new ‘blush up brush’ technique. Illamasqua’s new blusher brush is concave shaped with an ellipse head, designed to tuck under the cheekbones. Dip the tightly packed brush into the intense powder blush then simply find the cheekbone line and brush the colour upwards (not along) which allows for both dramatic colour and contour, simultaneously. Voila!
Re lips, as well as pale shades of pink, Illamasqua’s gone green in line with 2013’s prediction for this shade to be big in fashion and beauty. Illamasqua have taken the most synthetic, un-natural shade of lime gloss (taking things to extreme as we’d expect) and shot this through with a plastic effect meaning this will be one of the most ‘out-there’ looks taken up by early adopters. 
If the thought of bright green plastic-effect lips doesn’t woo you, surely opt for the blush technique, the speckled eye or speckled nail, all re-defining beauty for the coming season but also adaptable and pretty enough for everyone to try.

Illamasqua’s I’mperfection range is available from 31st January 2013 at Illamasqua’s Beak St store, Selfridges and other UK stores and stockists. Speckled nail varnish (£14.50), Powder Blush Duo (£26), Blush-Up Brush (£28.50), Lipstick (£16), Intense lipgloss (£14) and Precision Ink liner (£17)

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