pureDKNY launches A Drop of Rose

by Katie on January 10, 2013

pureDKNY’s ‘A Drop of Rose’ doesn’t so much as drip feed the purity of Damask rose to your nostrils but smacks the senses with big wet watery powerful kisses of being enveloped by Turkish roses at dawn while running through sprinklers in the early cool of the morning, pre the stultifying heat of the day.
A flanker fragrance to pureDKNY’s Drop of Vanilla and Drop of Verbena, the rose version is the answer for women who adore pretty fragrances that live and breathe femininity. There’s nothing complex about this release and that’s its great beauty. One flower, one love, one scent that manages to establish itself as identifiable in seconds and competes with the big girls for much feted attention. It’s lightness of touch yet largesse is its calling card.
At its ethos, pureDKNY works a sustainability story of purity of fragrance (Damask roses are hand picked and harvested in the cool pre-dawn hours and the end product is potent, essential oil of rose that’s later incorporated into the fragrance) and packaging (everything is recyclable and bio-degradable).

The bigger story, of course, is that this is a surprising and welcome addition to the range that will please more than the usual DKNY devotees. And isn’t that a good thing?

pureDKNY Rose is priced £69 (100ml EDP), £50 (50ml EDP) and £37 (30ml EDP) available nationwide from good dept stores from 3rd February 2013.

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