Acqua di Parma release Acque Nobili trio

by Katie on February 2, 2013

As with fashion releases, there’s some fragrance launches that you know are going to be good, simply from the brand who’s releasing them. Acqua di Parma falls firmly in the camp of the tasteful heritage house with a provenance of Italian sourced ingredients who don’t like to push the boundaries too far, but still manage to inspire, turn-on and deliver a series of evocative and emotive scents that have their followers grappling to try.
There’s always an air of sublime calm within Acqua di Parma. The launch settings are always refined, spa-like and with a ease of control rare in the industry where there’s a release every day. 
With the unhurried grace and elegance of old Italian aristocracy, Acqua di Parma takes femininity inspired by the beautiful order and variety of an Italian renaissance garden and adds a ‘sospetto’ of noblesse oblige to create variations-of-a-theme style newness. The Spring launch is of Acque Nobili fragrances, lighter, more sparkling and yet with a punch – Gelsomino (jasmine), Magnolia and Iris, the benchmarks of the brand, re-worked in devastatingly beautiful renditions that impart floral heaven whilst still evoking a refined air of sensuality.
Trying to decide between the three pulls at the emotions like a perfumery ‘Sophie’s Choice’. The Acqua Nobile Iris is the traditional Acqua di Parma lynchpin and seems to have a bright light shone on the mandarin, cedar and grapefruit ingredients that eventually makes way for the sharp radiance of the iris pallida, violet and neroli, all levelled out with a hint of soft vanilla.
The Acqua Nobile Magnolia has a beauty that has to be smelled. The soft, soft heart of white  flowers awaits with lily of the valley, freesia, orange blossom and sambac jasmine making way for the delicacy of magnolia. The mood is deepened by musk, patchouli essence and vanilla but this is a wholly beautiful offer that is ageless. As appealing to a 22 year old as a 72 year old. Just gorgeous.
Just saying jasmine to me has me hooked. When that’s translated in Italian to Gelsomino, the appeal is more intoxicating, like the promise of Latin lover whispering sweet endearments. Acqua Nobile Gelsomino is, without doubt, one of the most beautiful jasmines I’ve ever had good fortune to smell. The overpowering delicacy of scent simmers with long hot days freshened by cool walks in gardens of cultura, fountains brimming with tempting fresh water while the greeness and air scents seduce. This is a show-stopping jasmine. A temptress in chiffon that ruffles with a soft breeze. A Calabrian beauty that stuns with her Southern Italian wiles. There’s a sappish, fresh greenness to this jasmine that beguiles and works with her brood of followers, neroli, petit grain, bergamot, mandarin and lemon. Musk is added but it is Gelsomino’s overwhelming warmth combined with her charming charisma that makes her a showstopper.

Acque Nobile Gelsomino, Magnolia and Iris are released from 15th February exclusively with John Lewis stores and nationwide from 8th March 2013 priced at £85 (125ml) each.

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