DVF’s A/W’13 collection – Life’s A Party

by Katie on February 11, 2013

“Life’s a party” exclaimed Diane von Furstenberg at yesterday’s show and, if we weren’t knee-deep in recession and all sorts of financial quagmire, I’d tend to buy that ideology. 

One thing’s for sure, if you are the type of woman who has worn (tick) or will wear (tick) DVF, you’re going to be thrilled by Diane’s trip back down memory lane. 
Not only was it momentous as Diane took the catwalk call at the end of the show, clearly signifying that she was at the helm and firmly back in control, but this was a re-working of some of her classic success styles as blasts from the past, including the brown suede wrap dress and the layering on of leopard print. The latter may sound garish but was glaringly glamorous with just a hint of ‘too much’. This lady’s not for turning.
Von Furstenberg showed that if you have a good thing going on, don’t drop it, but instead of looking tired or samey, the collection looked fresh in amongst all the try-hard minimalism that New York tends to favour in its desperation to be cool.
Check out the sharp, metallic blazer worn over a wild leopard printed pants with a sleek compact clutch or the silver leggings shimmering beneath a cropped jacket embellished with flames. This is hi-energy disco deliciousness.
Then comes the colour-blocked wrap dress that spins in a plum induced haze and the soft sienna chiffon gown with feminine bell sleeves that belies the toughness beneath, before giving way to a shot of electric blue.
The DVF woman knows how to sashay and sway, turning heads without looking uncomfortable. She takes her lead from the mistress herself who can claim true rock-star pedigree hanging out with David Bowie, Mick Jagger and Bryan Ferry.

DVF women are Roxy Music cover girls with daytime roles but always in heels. She likes her head in the clouds and who can judge her for that?

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