Lacoste launch Eau de Lacoste with Amy Adams

by Katie on February 3, 2013

I’m going to put it out there from the start. Lacoste doesn’t have the best reputation amongst hard-wired perfumistas who tend to recoil at the shock of all that pink and all that fruit despite its global popularity and success with mass-market teens. 

Touch of Pink seems to be multiplying in various goodie bags like some mutant escapee from Dr Who whilst Joy of Pink plumped for Alexa ‘bloody’ Chung (to give her her full title) as the face of the brand. On point with a feminine, pretty, fashion-influenced youth market but (by now) making everyone else who merely glimpses a Peter Pan collar come out in some type of reactionary hives. And that’s nothing to do with the perfume.
And, lo, Lacoste have just released a new additional to their feminine fold – Eau de Lacoste – and, *shock*, I don’t hate it. In fact, it quite darn surprised me as it unfolded, this lightly sparkling, watered down mandarin and bergamot with the slightest touch of sweet, pineapple (not needed to my mind) and with a bigger rose, orange flower and jasmine sambac heart that grows with you. The fact that there’s a sandalwood, vetyver, vanilla and balsam base still makes this a girly choice but one that doesn’t have you running to the sink to swipe off. This is a first. A pleasant, slightly more sophisticated approach to perfumery from global giants Lacoste that may win over new admirers.
The feel is light and Spring like in ballet slippers of the French Sole variety and of “pure white cotton on skin.“. Eau de Lacoste may not be stand-out but it certainly isn’t a turn-off either. It’s pleasant. Like the girls or women who will, no doubt, wear this in legions, this is a safe, non threatening, non sexual but very pretty and polite option. Just like Amy Adams the Academy Award nominated face of the new perfume that has as its by-line, ‘a light touch of sensuality.’

Eau de Lacoste is currently available nationwide priced £33 (30ml), £45 (50ml), £61 (90ml) and as a body lotion and shower gel.

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jhonson miller February 5, 2013 at 9:13 pm

I am a big fan of Lacoste. I love the fragrances introduced by Lacoste. My wife use these fragrances and I just love it.


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