Schwarzkopf releases New Color Mask Hair Dye

by Katie on February 23, 2013

It was that time again. The dreaded onslaught of the home hair dye. In my continuing battle to cover the creeping grey, this is the monthly ritual where, when flash with cash, one reclines in a glam salon somewhere in Central London and lets the genius colourists do their ‘thang’. Or, more than often the case, one arms oneself with grit, determination, towels and plastic gloves and gets to it on one’s ownsome. Guess which one it was at the end of January?

I’m not averse to trying to new colour variations of auburn or red or even new brands and this month I scoured the shelves of Superdrug for inspiration. It came to me in the new Schwarzkopf Colour Mask. Hmm, I thought, ‘easy to use like a hair mask’ let’s opt for the Warm Mahogany (586) and give this a bash.

First off, it’s permanent when I normally choose semi-permanent but I let that slide. The colour looked great from the front package pic but we know how often that can be *ahem* short of the real deal, don’t we girls? The claim was ‘the first Hair Mask Colourant‘, so what’s the difference?

Well, firstly, this comes in a neat tub. Rather like a rich conditioner that you add the tube of colour to, as normal. Then you shake this to mix and simply scoop the colour onto the hair, starting with any grey areas first. The mixture is gloopy and easy to use and doesn’t drip. My only quibble was whether I would have enough of said gloop to cover my long hair. Often I have excess left over but this is tight. Still, it managed to cover all the hair. Just.

After half an hour, I rinsed and added the glossy sachet Hair Mask (with a vitamin oil complex) to act as a sheeny conditioning treatment.  The colour ‘pops’ and is more red and vibrant than I expected as normally there’s a deeper hue to a mahogany titled treatment. But, the colour is great. It’s even, glossy and deep and could be mistaken for a salon treatment. The only dead giveaway was my white tiled bathroom which, whichever product I use, always resembles a murder scene with red sploshes everywhere. Oh yes, I forgot the pain of home dying isn’t the act itself, it’s the endless cleaning with Cif spray afterwards.

Schwarzkopf Color Mask is available in 15 colours and is currently on a trial price of £3.99 at Superdrug.

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Perdita February 23, 2013 at 4:26 pm

How right you are about the true pain of home hair dye being the drips… as a fellow red head I also end up with a CSI style bathroom every time!


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