Tom Ford’s Jardin Noir Collection – Cafe Rose

by Katie on February 9, 2013

At the release of Tom Ford new Lip Color Shine midweek, I was reminded of the tight and compact nature of the fairly recently released Jardin Noir collection, all brooding intent and purple labelled lusciousness. The four perfumes in this quartet are polar opposites of one another and could each fit at 90 degree angles of a square: Cafe Rose, Ombre de Hyacinth, Lys Fume and Jonquille de Nuit may all have floral cores but each stands its ground and is either sexy, intriguing or ultra feminine, appealing to wildly different personality types. Clever move.
Jonquille de Nuit grabbed me for it’s sheer uniqueness and downright odd vibe. Like the goth of the group, the narcissi steal into your skin and remain with you with their fresh, stalky, sappy vibe but there’s always something to be said of the slinky, sexy flirt of the collection, Cafe Rose. If Jonquille de Nuit skulks in the corner and intrigues, Cafe Rose wiggles in, in a tight dress and seamed stockings and drapes her arms around you. She’s putting it all out there and that’s what makes her the most popular of the collection. The harlot.
The vast opening notes of saffron, black pepper and Rose de Mai engulf when the deep Turkish rose oil and Bulgarian rose opens in all their softness and glory combined with the endorphin rush of expensively swish, high cocoa content chocolate and a hint of amber. This is boudoir bodaciousness. There’s the teeniest hint of incense like patchouli smoke clinging to a silk dress but just enough to draw a chiffon veil over the sweet sultriness of rose petals, heaped in gay abandon.
Cafe Rose’s strength is in its die-down. Its one of those indulgently expensive perfumes that actually smells and works better after some wear, much like good designer shoes or tight stretch jeans. Its maturity, character and attractiveness is revealed with much more depth. Much like our harlot. But only after you’ve bought her a couple of glasses of Krug and given her time to warm to you.

The Tom Ford Jardin Noir Collection is available at Tom Ford Private Blend Counters at Selfridges (London & Manchester), Harvey Nichols and Harrods as well as House of Fraser, Glasgow.

Prices are £135 (50ml) and £300 (250ml) for each of the four new fragrances.

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