Christian Louboutin launches ‘Tattoo Parlour’

by Katie on March 1, 2013

The work of celebrated shoe designer Christian Louboutin attracts a rather select customer, and it was certainly a select group of individuals who rocked up to celebrate the launch of ‘Tattoo Parlour’ at Louboutin’s new men’s boutique on Dover Street, including tailoring don Patrick Grant of London label E. Tautz.

In a suitably romantic flourish, this being the evening of Valentine’s Day, chocolate-dipped strawberries, fresh oysters, and Ruinart champagne were served – the oysters shucked by a chipper bloke with lemon juice and Tabasco in a utility belt.

Oysters are an acquired taste, rather like designer footwear, and whilst I was staying true to my old skool sneakers there were many dedicated Louboutin fans here sporting that distinctive red sole. Katie wowed a man treating his partner to not one, but two pairs of Loubies with her specialist subject of obscure and wonderful fragrance, while I indulged in some fantasy window-shopping.

Ignoring the usual hi-tops, and the super-jolly polychromatic Golfito brogues, I settled on some subtly extravagant stingray wingtips with a typically heart-stopping price tag, but then I’ve always had an expensive eye.

For those men looking for something more idiosyncratic, Christian Louboutin now offers an in-store ‘Tattoo Parlour’ customisation service, allowing you to personalise your purchase with your very own tattoo, reinterpreted in embroidery and embellishment. It’s these kinds of bespoke touches which mark Christian Louboutin out from his peers.

If you can always judge a man by his shoes, then the peacocky Louboutin man revels in the finer things and has lavish tastes. Where better to indulge them than this new Dover Street salon?

The price for the tattoos to measure will be between £700 and £2,600 depending on the materials, technique of embroidery, and size of the tattoos embroidered. The service is offered in Louboutin’s London, Paris, New York and Los Angeles men’s boutiques starting from February 2013 and in Beijing, Dubai and Hong Kong later this Spring.

Article written by Lee Clatworthy (@TeamChutzpah) for Katie Chutzpah blog.

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