Dali Parfum de Toilette. Even more relevant for 2013

by Katie on March 2, 2013

It seems that Surrealism and Dali is all the rage for 2013. Raf at Dior’s just done some faux naif surrealist type scribblings on his A/W’13 collection and the Man Ray exhibition is still showing at London’s National Portrait Gallery. Even the legendary heavenly house of gorgeously warped dreams, Schiaparelli, is due to re-launch. (Please God let it be Galliano at the helm).

In keeping with this movement, I was offered a chance to try the *gasps* crystal flacon Dali perfume extrait (£2000 for 310ml) by a prestigious perfume pixie and, not being one to pass up the chance of extremely expensive perfume* (*you really should know me by now) I accepted the sweet smelling gauntlet. This was my first experience with Les Parfums Salvador Dali and now I have a new focus. Must try more.

This sunny, light, indefatigable chypre blows in as breezy, as classy and as cheerfully disposed yet aloof as old style glamour and charisma. From the Baccarat Crystal Numbered Limited Edition (yes, it is that elusive), it speaks of splendour, light and of huge palatial rooms smelling of sparseness, polish, parquet flooring and good furniture in only the way that large, Parisienne, high-brow apartments can. Listen closely and you can hear the swish of duchesse satin and organza laid bare against the night time sound of Paris traffic in the background.

Dali Parfum is in its 30th year. It is as mature of years as it is concentrated but not overblown nor hardy. Its beauty comes from another pink pepperless era, when women were women and perfumes were indulgent, all glowing light amber and filled with hauteur finesse. I like that. The fragrance finds me longing for an old classic like Jean Louis Sherrer with it’s same faint fruity, floral, heady spiciness at it’s heart of jasmine, rose, mimosa and oakmoss, musk, patchoulli and sandalwood. The is grander though and more sparkling, as we’d expect from a very fine fragrance dedicated to Dali’s muse, Gaia.

Dali is opulence without the showiness, intrinsically eccentric and from the heart with the ability to accept the contradictions within a personality – a strong iron will paired with an overt femininity.  With the bottle echoing the famous Dali lips, this is art in a bottle. Alberto Morillas the celebrated perfumer has created a sensual chypre perfume of longevity. It does require a tasteful type to wear this creation. But then again, to know Dali requires some cerebral leanings.

Dali is also available as an EDT for a contemporary, more youthful approach with the same class and difference. A reissued limited edition of the original crystal flacon containing Dali parfum extrait is available from The Roja Dove Haute Parfumerie – 310ml at £2,000. The Eau de Toilette is priced (30ml) £28, (50ml) £40 and (100ml) £56. Available from The Roja Dove Haute Parfumerie at Harrods.

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