Givenchy’s Post Modern Bohemian Gypsy Dream for A/W’13

by Katie on March 4, 2013

Riccardo Tisci at Givenchy keeps everything just so, so right and modern that it re-establishes a person’s faith in fashion, beauty, energy and ideas. Tisci neither labours the point, sucks the humour out of a joyous industry by over seriousness nor leaps to fantasy so over-wrought it’s deemed unwearable. What Tisci does is create beautiful dreamy day and evening wear that’s modern, sophisticated and with enough light and warmth that makes his shows a living joy to behold. This A/W’13 show was personification of that fact.
Biker jackets exploded – from black slick leather trim versions to floral and silk printed offers, all worn with the cutest, coloured, pin-curled ’20’s influenced hair that made this hard-soft look the image of the season. 
Tisci, a man with eight sisters, made this show an ode to femininity – but the type of femininity who is comfortable enough to wear the trademark Givenchy sweatshirt (oh how I long for one!) with see-through chiffon, sequin dotted skirts, kooky poppy prints or thigh splitting leather, or even embroidered, be-ribboned flounces. How scrumptious. 
Our man at the big ‘G’ took the sweatshirt and the biker jacket as central components, working Givenchy’s house style around them and making a truly modern statement. The fluted hem skirt came strolling along the catwalk (as seen at Prada and at Celine) making this, too, a key item for A/W’13.
But it was Tisci’s factual dreaminess that both rooted this collection to the Paris streets while making hosts of editors dream. Be-hooped, pointed boots paired with everything just made it all the more right-on. The effortless Post Modern Bohemian Gypsy feel just said ‘wear me’. Loved. It. 

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