BlackBerry launches the Q10 exclusively at Selfridges with Lily Cole

by Katie on April 28, 2013

You’ve got to respect Selfridges. Not only is the dept store light years ahead in terms of designer selection and in the number of brands and lifestyle choices they stock, they have embraced art and new technology in a way like no other. 

Last Thursday evening, the celebrated dept store held an exclusive dinner to toast the exclusive launch of the eagerly awaited new BlackBerry Q10 device and, the next day, it took only 90 minutes to sell out of this premium smartphone (£579.99) shifting over 2000 units. Mr Harry Selfridge would be proud. But hold your horses. There will be more and in other locations such as O2, Three, Orange, T-Mobile and EE, so customers will also be able to get their hands on the device in the coming weeks.

Launching the handset, Lily Cole said, “I’ve always been a fan of BlackBerry and am excited to use the new Q10!”
But why the hype and the demand? What’s so special about this Q10 baby? If you’re one of the lucky new owners of the device (*coughs*), it’s more about merging a large screen face with new facets as well as the old-style QWERTY keyboard. Though Apple may have a huge following for their touchscreen iPhones, if you’re a BlackBerry user (the preferred choice of many businesses to date) it looks like the Q10 will be the hyper, business-insider, status symbol while shaking its more user friendly ass at all and sundry.

Key features of the BlackBerry Q10 smartphone include the BlackBerry® Hub which brings all your conversations together in one easy-to-manage plac while the BBM™,allows you to share things in an instant. (The BBM in BlackBerry 10 includes voice calling and video chat, and even lets you share your screen with a fellow BlackBerry 10 contact.). The BlackBerry® Rememberhelps the user tackle tasks quickly with a new way to collect, organise and action all the information sitting in different places across the smartphone.

Not traditionally a BlackBerry user, the layout and QWERTY keyboard system (double thumb use instead of single jab) takes a couple of days to get used to, as well as the different systems of swipes and features.

In your hand, the new Q10 feels solid and stable – a good thing. It feels authoritative and professional and, for business users with kudos, this is a key issue. (The iPhone 5 in comparison has to be weighted down with a protective cover to make it feel more sturdy). The market who it’s aimed at like their old-style BlackBerrys. So, it’s no surprise to find that the design of the BlackBerry Q10 isn’t far from that of BlackBerry’s ageing Bold 9900 model.

Physically, the Q10’s new keyboard button shape works, aided by the larger gap between rows of keys. And, has included the predictive text feature found on it’s Z10 predecessor, which is a move forward. Combing the best of both worlds – like the swiping features that allow the user to easily return to homepage – a feature from the Z10.

The social networking features are easy enough to set up – a must for a blogger steeped in Twitter and Facebook. But, despite the variety in the BlackBerry Hub, you may still find yourself aching for those exclusive Apple apps. To make up for the App selection, BlackBerry has loaded the ‘Docs to Go’ area – a boon for business users who need Powerpoint, Word and Excel on demand. 

The BlackBerry is the preferred choice (and update) for BlackBerry lovers, QWERTY aficionados and a product that will be used hand in hand, no doubt, with a user’s ‘other’ phone or tablet (like their secret indiscretion). But isn’t that very modern? We all dabble. From each product according to its ability to each user according to its end use?

For further information on the BlackBerry Q10 and its release, please visit BlackBerry.
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