Chutzpah’s Weekly Barometer

by Katie on April 29, 2013

A Chutzpah look back over the week’s good, bad and indifferent including the “don’t even go there’s.”


Robert Piguet’s new Rose Perfection – Exclusive to Harvey Nichols and launching in May, Ms KC just can’t wait to smell the latest fragrance from Robert Piguet. A die-hard fan of Piguet’s Fracas, Visa and the delicious new Petit Fracas, she’s dreaming of Rose Perfection.

‘Mademoiselle C’ – The fashion world can’t seem to get enough of Carine Roitfeld at the moment. This star-studded documentary featuring a host of her collaborators takes us behind the scenes of her new magazine, CR Fashion Book. 

Theory 38 – New sports apparel line from Theory that looks set to feed into that technical-sportswear-as-everyday-casualwear trend. 

The BOF’s candid interview with Nicolas Ghesquiere – Let’s just say his comments only confirm our thoughts on Balenciaga and their decision to celebrity dumb-down to the obvious with Alexander Wang.

Frederick Malle x Pierre Hardy travel sprays – Highly limited and highly collectable, accessories designer Pierre Hardy brightens up Frederick Malle’s travel sprays with a fresh burst of graduated colour.

Smythson’s ‘Panama’ men’s bag – New for Autumn, and should arrive in stores just in time for London Fashion Week. Because men need arm candy too.

Issa London and Banana Republic – The designer of Kate Middleton’s engagement dress collaborates with the American clothing chain on a 40-piece capsule collection influenced by Banana Republic’s safari heritage and “the spirit of an exotic journey”. Launches in stores 13th August. 

Molami’s Pleat Headphones – Super chic and perfect for travelling. We’d be rocking these smooth babies with their 22 carat accents and Napa leather if we could (£300).

Flavia Cacace and Russell Grant’s ‘Zalza’ fitness DVD – Get the body you never wanted with dumpy astrology nut Russell Grant attempting lots of under-powered Latin American dance moves. 

Festival press releases – There are not enough words to describe the disdain we hold for luxury product placement at an alternative music festival. We could live without knowing what luxury footwear ‘X’ low-key celebrity wore  to ‘Y’ indie feastival.

Chloe Green and Mark Anthony – We wonder what attracted J-Lo’s ex-babydaddy to Chloe, short-lived ‘Made-in-Chelsea’ reality star, daughter of Arcadia magnate, billionaire and UK tax procrastinator poster boy Philip Green?

The Soul II Soul clothing revival – A cash-in from ‘Club Classics: Volume One’ the first time around, we’re struggling to see the point of it 25 years later. 

The Vision Express Heston Blumenthal collection – Whereas we used to hanker after serious Euro intelligentsia, architect-style eyewear, now it’s gone everyday with madcap, obsessive molecular gastronaut Heston Blumenthal‘s collection. 

The Current state of BBC Comedy – Someone please SACK the BBC comedy commissioner! We’ve had some drastic, turgid, badly-written, laboured and miscast comedies of late including Blandings, It’s Kevin, Bob Servant, Independent, Heading Out and The Wright Way. We’ve begun to suspect that if you’re Ben Elton or Sue Perkins, you can get away with any old guff. Please. Just. Stop. Consider your TV audience actually HAS a brain.

The Vajacial – It’s time we laid this utterly ridiculous and unbelievable alleged trend to rest. Are you hearing us ‘This Morning’ and everyone at the Daily Mail?

The Voice UK (BBC1) – Finding it hard to care re which acts go through (most are appalling) to which self-promoting judges. And if Jessie J emotes and chair-wiggles one more time, she’ll see our wrath. It’s not all about you, love.

The Weekly Barometer is compiled by Lee Clatworthy (@TeamChuztpah) and @KatieChutzpah

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