Chutzpah’s Weekly Barometer

by Katie on April 3, 2013

A Chutzpah look back over the week’s good, bad and indifferent including the “don’t even go there’s.”


Mary Katrantzou x Current/Elliott – Exclusive to, this collaboration between London’s Queen of Print and denim label Current/Elliott is the top of everyone’s wish list this week.

The Tutor Crowd – The online English tuition provider has corrected the grammar and spelling of some of London’s crappest graffiti, and becomes an early winner of this year’s Best Ambient Marketing Campaign.

The Gant Rugger Relay – Creatives across the globe play tag with the latest Gant Rugger collection, choosing their favourite pieces then passing it on. Now arriving in the UK, could you be next? 

The Business of Exhibitions – Clever move by the V&A to link with Selfridges to sell fashion & beauty products that reflect and celebrate the ‘David Bowie Is’ retrospective. Mixing rare vintage pieces (selected by premium vintage store, Decades in L.A) to modern pieces by McQueen & Katrantzou and albums and artwork that fit the theme. The exhibition as a lifestyle choice neatly captures the demand to identify with augmented good taste. Clever. (David Bowie image by Brian Duffy).

Plebs (ITV2) – Really well observed modern comedy set in Roman times that uses the best ska background music. Contrast with the simply TERRIBLE Sue Perkins alleged comedy, ‘Heading Out’.

Vogue’s Fashion’s Night Out comes to Manchester – Vogue’s scaled-down event this year arrives in Team Chutzpah’s stomping ground on October 10th. Expect to jostle with the Cheshire set and soap starlets for those special discounts, white wine and cupcakes.

Guerlain’s Special Edition May Day Muguet at Harrods – In honour of May Day, Guerlain has created its 7th numbered and limited edition of Muguet. A specially indulgent £355 for 60ml available from 1st May exclusively at Harrods.

Sweatshirts – Dress them up, dress them down, everyone seems to be living in them at the moment. The unlikely star wardrobe item for Spring ’13 from Primark to Givenchy. We love this upscale version by Louise Amstrup.

‘Emilio Pucci’ by Vanessa Friedman – An exhaustive retrospective of the aristocratic and innovative Italian designer from Financial Times fashion editor Vanessa Friedman. Published by Taschen £44.99.

Jon Hamm’s refusal to wear underwear – Thrills (and photo opps) aplenty.


The Labour Party – Colluding on the Health and Social Care Act which came into force last weekend, effectively dismantling the NHS, as well as legislation to end our free press. Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated?

The Daily Mail’s Front Philpott front page – Of course, everyone who claims benefits is a worthless, workshy, murdering moron and it’s all the welfare system’s fault ACCORDING TO THE DAILY MAIL.

Streetwalker fashion shoots – Was Love Mag’s Katie Grand channeling Patsy Stone? Hello, Alex. This is the mood board for the next edition…sex, bitch, aristo, sex, punk, whore, bitch, prossie, lezzie, punk, tart, slut. Oh but Alex, Alex, WITH LOVELY SHOES”.
The Alexandra Burke Billie Holiday tribute concert – It actually burnt our fingers typing those words.

Event magazine – The Mail on Sunday expands The Sidebar of Shame and its Kardashian fat-shaming fixation into a full Sunday supplement. All the casual misogyny that’s fit to print.

Hainsworth’s Lupton blanket – This stripey 100% Shetland wool blanket was allegedly inspired by the Duchess of Cambridge’s great-grandmother. Or, rather, the £450 price tag was.

Nip + Man’s Ab Fix, Bicep Fix and Pec Fix firming gels – We believe you. Or you could just save the money by exercising and not eating lard.

That Hermes crocodile skin T-shirt – Okay, it’s got everyone talking about Hermes but let’s not pretend that a world in which this overpriced bit of aspirational guff exists is a better place with it in it.

Food stamps – Just when you think the Government couldn’t crush the self-respect of Britain’s poorest families any further.

The wedge trainer mountain – JUST STOP IT NOW. The original Isabel Marant hi-tops were horrible, the Reebok Classic versions even worse and now we have the Katie Grand Hogan versions. We’re just not hip (or desperate) enough.

The Oliver Sweeney/Oliver Proudlock collection – After exciting collaborations with London designers Matthew Miller and Timur Kim, Oliver Sweeney’s latest hook-up, with resident ‘Made in Chelsea’ peacock, is an effective exercise in how to kill a brand’s gravitas. Sorry Proudlock!

Gucci’s Chime For Change charity concert – Gucci’s latest wheeze, a charity whose aim is to empower women in developing countries, would probably appear at the top of this list if the execution didn’t ring as hollow as one of its handbags. Headlined by Beyoncé (sample lyric; “Bow down bitches”), a singer who chose to name her tour ‘The Mrs. Carter Show’, the Twickenham gig also features noted feminist, clothes horse, and friend of Philip Green, Florence Welch, who certainly looked empowered dancing around in her pants in the video for ‘Drumming Song’. Sorry Gucci, but this whole load of contradictions means we may well be washing our hair that night.

Weekly Barometer compiled by Lee Clatworthy (@TeamChutzpah) and @KatieChutzpah. Let us know what you think by leaving a comment.

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