NEW! Gucci Guilty Black Pour Femme and Pour Homme

by Katie on April 5, 2013

Lots of masstige fragrance releases pass me by without any lasting effect. So, I was surprised when Gucci’s Guilty (released 2010) turned into a bit of a grower with me instead of just quietly going merrily on its way. Plus, it looked great. Still does. Those sexy chi-chi interlocking Gs and the blingtastic gold bottle. There’s even been a Gucci Guilty Intense flanker released in much the same vein as the original (2011). And now, it’s time for Gucci Guilty to undergo another Dr Who like regeneration for 2013 into Gucci Guilty Black Pour Femme and Pour Homme. The boys are not forgotten and are very much back in town along with the laydeez.

Gucci’s Creative Director, Frida Giannini, says of the next development of the Gucci Guilty lovers, “These characters have come to fascinate us. We need to know the next chapter in their story as it unfolds through Guilty black.” Plus, I hasten to add, it allows for increased focus on a prime product and a chance to work this to existing fans of the fragrance. We know the story thus far, at least.

The sexy story of explosive, passionate, unpredictable lovers who go into mild obsession with one another in a night time urban setting couldn’t be any more right up Gucci’s street with its latest Fall ’13 collection. This oozes kinky svelte body-con’ness and, as Giannini states, ‘a demure, couture-inspired silhouette with a subversive undertone.’ It seems that Gucci wants to push boundaries yet again.

The Gucci Guilty Black editions hope to add even more tension and edge to the perfume, giving it an even more daringly unsubtle edge. Just as Giannini’s Fall ’13 collection focused on sensual, come-hither clothes for hard-edge party, soft-edge porn people, Gucci Guilty Black takes a deeper, darker stroll through late night hedonism.

Gucci Guilty Black Pour Femme is a deeply attractive and heavy, fruity musk fragrance that winks at you through a red perspex edged bottle like the lights in any city’s red light district. The subtext is clear – danger. But this is less, no holds barred danger and ‘I’m daring enough to wear a heavy perfume but I’m still ultra feminine’ perfume. Gucci Guilty Black Pour Femme speaks of holiday liaisons, dark nightclubs, spike heeled shoes and the play for sexy shenanigans. It could never be described as pretty despite it’s lovely middle notes of lilac and violet merged with raspberry and peach, with an overriding top of pink pepper. It can be described as daringly bold and come-hither. This lady’s aim is the business of pleasure. The patchouli and amber base make this fragrance certainly stand-out more than the norm. It’s got guts.

Likewise, her partner, Gucci Guilty Black Pour Homme is tinged green. With jealousy? With envy? Who knows? This is certainly a green-tinged coriander led opus with hints of lavender that develops into a heavy cedarwood and patchouli base that breathes he-man. One can see why Chris Evans was cast as Gucci’s urban cowboy, biker hero to Evan Rachel Wood’s sultry seductress.

These are sexy modern launches that relay and reify Gucci’s role as the edgy doyenne of sultry and daring. Would you dare to go Gucci Guilty Black?

Gucci Guilty Black Pour Femme EDT is priced £40 (30ml), £53 (50ml), £68 (75ml). Body Lotion and Shower Gel is also available. Gucci Guilty Black Pour Homme EDT is priced £46 (50ml), £61 (90ml).

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