Once Upon A Time there was a Princess Shoemaker named Charlotte Olympia

by Katie on April 22, 2013

Press days come and go and one forgets that it’s only in this rarefied industry that we get a sneak peek of the taste of things to come six months before normal mortals are thrilled by the new in shop windows.

Once Upon a Time there was a pretty princess shoemaker who presented such a fine, grand shoe collection that the people of the fashion village all came to ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’ at her newest shoe children in one of the most beautiful hotels in the kingdom. 

These shoe children were quite the most beautiful in all the land. It was said if one wore a pair of such gorgeous creations, just like the glass slipper itself, they would capture a prince. A prince enthralled by such wondrous beauty and charisma of the shoes and swagger of the lady wearer, that he would instantly carry her away, regardless of seeping lipstick, too many cocktails and a preponderance to chat too much.

Charlotte Olympia weaves a spell amongst women of taste and difference. The fact that these bedazzling, vertiginous (often) platform shoe gems are the most vivid of colours and lurid of fantasy wear says a lot about the women who covet them or are fortunate enough to wear them. And even more about the men who admire them being worn.

Charlotte Olympia has become one of the sought out designers to wear – the make a statement, love me, love my ‘I’ll put a spell on you’ shoes sort.

The Once Upon A Time collection for A/W’13 takes you on a journey of red cloaks, enchanted forests, snow white porcelain skinned princesses, hungry big bad wolves, and handsome princes who save the day with fairy tale endings. A host of rich fabrics and materials including printed velvet, storytelling felt, embroidered satin, embossed leather and suede, immaculate detailing and eye-catching, imaginative designs ensure that this fairy story inflames the imagination.

Peeking through the undergrowth, organza red roses blossom out of sculptured wooden heels whilst ornate wedges tower above the tree line and mushrooms explode in a dash of red and white flock velvet. Little Red Riding Hood tiptoes through the captivating forest in velvet Mary-Jane pumps detailed with trompe l’oeil ankle socks, her wicker basket in tow. The conspicuous zigzag leather details on ankle boots conceal the silhouette of the big bad wolf, with snarling teeth.

A Puss in Boots appears in a rich range of velvets whist Rapunzel’s golden braided locks cascade down the heels of crisscross court shoes. 

Charlotte Olympia’s rich imagination and unrivalled design prowess for A/W’13 takes you on a thrilling journey of Happy Ever After outcomes. Even the big bad wolf would roll over and be stroked by the virtuous wearer of these heels.

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