Terry de Gunzberg releases Terryfic Oud

by Katie on April 13, 2013

I was about to give myself a really hard time re Terry de Gunzberg. How on earth could I miss this weighty with kudos perfume range from ex-doyenne creative director of YSL BeautéI had spied the range on one of my walk-throughs in Harrods Perfume Hall and was stopped in my tracks by the glamorously heavy weight look and feel of the perfumes and then, by the perfumes themselves. If you’re a perfume junkie you’ll know the feeling. It’s a bit like being a party addict. Damn! How did I not know about that one? How on earth did it skip me? And, what’s more, with a little bit of blogger/journo neurosis thrown in for good measure, who the hell has been hiding it away from me? Aka, why wasn’t I invited? 

Researching subsequently, I can let myself off a tad in being ignorant to this addition to de Gunzberg’s name which already boats a phenomenal make-up range with its divine pigmentation and texture. The perfume range shakes it up a tad as it is justly as niche but bears all the hallmarks of a seasoned perfumer rather than a make-up guru. Which is no bad thing. Further researching shone more clarity on the range. de Gunzvberg has used the collaborative services of brilliant perfumers, Jacques Fleury, Arthur Le Tourneur d’Ison, Karine Vinchon Spehner and Sidonie Lancesseur.

The Terry de Gunzberg range of five fragrances was released only last year and includes the beautifully named Flagrant Delice, Lumiere d’Espices, Ombre Mercure, Parti Pris and Reve Opulent, the latter of which impressed me greatly. And lately, the newest addition to the range has done the same – Terryfic Oud. Clever name, clever vibe.

Terryfic Oud (launched in Harrods from 8th April) is a delicious ballsy character. Smooth on first spray but with a big dense gasp of Oud seconds later that peters out as smooth a perfumed silk. And it has staying power. Terryfic Oud strolls the border line between Middle Eastern authenticity and a honed Western taste for the sophisticated Ramadan Rush* shopping sprees. Like Burqas worn over Givenchy and Gucci, which they no doubt are, Terryfic Oud manages to merge two cultures seamlessly while perfecting the art of seduction for women regardless of religion. (*It’s no coincidence its launched just in time for Ramadan in July and London’s increased Arab visitors).

Created in Grasse by Jean-Michel Santorini from Robertet, Terryfic Oud realises its potency by focusing on exceptional natural raw materials including highly-prized real, resinous, smoky Oud Wood with top notes featuring fresh Calabrian bergamot and soft squashy red berries, bursting with flavour. The elegant soft, floral heart is generous with a shimmering bouquet of rose and iris seasoned with noble spices such as saffron or more sensual cumin. And then we go deeper into the soft and creamy base as milky sandalwood, Atlas ceder, patchouli, papyrus and the all glowing Oud is backed by a dose of amber and musk.

Santorini certainly made his vision a reality as his aim was a perfume “exceptionally rich in woody and amber notes”.

There are oodles of Ouds and Oud based perfumes currently on the market but this beauty’s difference is its level of detail and ramped up sophistication. Authentic yet not grasping or harsh but with enough guts to make its presence thoroughly known, Terryfic Oud is the choice for women who do glamour. Yes, it’s sold as a man’s and woman’s choice but this, for me, this has an extremely elegant niche swagger like the sultry sway of Wes Gordon’s linear beauty or Pucci’s flowing silk clad hips. This is a fragrance to ‘werk it’.

The emblematic sold glass bottle only reinforces the notion, ‘this is rightfully expensive’, though any woman would surely have to decant its content’s madly to ensure a deadlier than though re-spray. Terryfic Oud is a great fragrance. More for its ability to impress other women than snare men.

Terry de Gunzburg’s TERRYFIC OUD launched exclusively in Harrods on 8th April 2013,  £135 (100ml)
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