Rose Perfection de Robert Piguet

by Katie on May 14, 2013

A pure explosion of Bulgarian attar of roses greets you on first spray of this totally romantic new offer from esteemed perfume house, Robert Piguet. 

What has always impressed me with the new releases from Piguet’s owners, Fashion Fragrances & Cosmetics, is that they have remained true to the vintage and classic Piguet ethos while developing fragrances for what is a very contemporary market. The launches and re-issues seem to come thick and fast but its surprising that none have disappointed though they have wildly different appeal. Perfumer, Aurelian Guichard, seems to constantly get it right.

Surprised as I was to see another rose added to Piguet’s stable that has the glorious renowned Fracas as well as Petit Fracas and the gorgeous release bearing the Douglas Hannant name, this offers another dimension. Concentrating as these do on tuberose and jasmine, Rose Perfection’s a bit more…well, rosy. Like layer upon layer of squeezed varieties of rose petals with some musk and ambroxan thrown in to add some bite and a little disquiet. 
It’s the type of fragrance you dream about creating as a little girl when squashing rose petals in a glass bottle and adding water, then shaking. The pure rose perfume of little girls dreams. I’m certain that’s why it will resonate with many as their first experience of that imagined fantasy so badly let them down. The Piguet Douglas Hannant is little-girl-all-grown-up and sophisticated with Park Avenue apartment and suitors to boot while Rose Perfection is her idyllic purist dream. A hazy rose tinged glow for sure.

Rose Perfection de Robert Piguet is said to ’embody the elegance of a woman with an intrinsically classic sense of style.’ 

Rose Perfection’s winning formula is its ability to appeal to all womanhood with its piled warmth and velvety voluptuousness. Rose Perfection de Robert Piguet is blooming marvellous.

Rose Perfection is exclusively available at Harvey Nichols priced £135 for 100ml.

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