Share a Coke campaign launches with a party at One Marylebone

by Katie on May 11, 2013

It was certainly different from the swanky Diet Coke Marc Jacobs launch I attended in March where the venue, classy Ruinart champagne, cocktails and fash-hash-flash mag guests looked the part. We were in the audience of Mr Jacobs after all. 

Thursday night’s launch of the impressively innovative ‘share a coke’ campaign where Coca Cola is replacing its labels with 150 of the UK’s most popular first names in a new ad campaign was a rather different affair. Sure, it was held at One Marylebone but the music volume, pink mood lighting and ‘yoot’ feel was ramped up with a DJ set that resembled a ‘Now That’s What We Call Made in Chelsea’ backbeat. Fitting, as there were many of the cast members in attendance. They’re lovely boys and girls really when not forced to blink awkwardly into the camera, air kiss or feign tears and emotional run-ins as Spenny goes all he-man with his strumpets.

I blame Nick Grimshaw. The voice of Britain’s new generation is the youth marketeer’s dream. As I was thinking this, supping my wine and not my usual Perrier Jouet or Ruinart (*shocked ‘I know’ face* First world problems, eh?), who sauntered by but Grimmy and his gang just prior to him taking up his DJ set. So, I walked up to him and announced that I was holding him to account for the ‘we’re swinging Lahndan yoot’ vibe. I have met him before, readers, so I’m not completely gauche. Thankfully, he’s a charming, down-to-earth chap and laughed at the joke. We then had our picture taken. 

As a campaign the Coca Cola ‘share a coke’ idea is inspired and relays the ethos of the brand. As a launch, though fun, it seemed more than a little contrived. I mean, 90210’s Jessica Lowndes and boyfriend Thom Evans as the key guests for the photocall? 

It was as if all the kids who thought they were cool were in on the act when the really cool kids were doing something else more interesting. But that was probably more down to the celebrity guest list organisers being out of touch with who’s in and who’s not. Shame really. It let a great concept and possibly great party stutter to a contrived close. I left clutching my specially named ‘Chutzpah’ coke bottle. You can’t kid a kidder.

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