Tom Ford’s Sahara Noir – Full of Eastern Promise

by Katie on May 19, 2013

Tom Ford’s Sahara Noir glistens with possibilities. 

From it’s gilt ribbed box to it’s coruscating, all gold, finely fluted bottle that fits neatly in the palm of your hand with its Tom Ford gold plaque of excellence, this speaks of superiority and slickness. It’s a fragrance dressed up to impress – full of Eastern promise. 

Part of Ford’s renowned Signature Collection, it whispers, “if you like these (Violet Blonde, Black Orchid, White Patchouli, Grey Vetiver) then you’re going to adore me. I’m even deeper and more esoteric than the rest.” Like the Tarot’s charismatic Magician or the female Moon figure who flashes both light and dark, always unsure of her depths, Sahara Noir’s an enigma. 

She’s at once both full on and consistent – the gift that keeps on giving, with a one tone swamp of heaviness. But, the latter is composed and complex, built of sticky cistus essence ORPUR® and bitter orange alongside Jordanian calamus (an unusual oasis sweet grass) and Levantine cypress, famed for growing in the gardens of 1001 Arabian Knights. Mr Ford has certainly aimed to concoct age Old Testament authenticity and mystery. Sahara Noir caresses with smokey layers of different varieties of Frankincense while anointing with amber.
As rich and heavy as it’s gilt casing proclaims, this Middle Eastern muse’s frankincense heart opens wide with accents of cinnamon from Laos, papyrus extract, Egyptian jasmine and Moroccan rose absolute. The jasmine and rose is caught up in smoke filled tendrils breathing of dusk-set scenes and Burmese beeswax extraction that cools everything down with its rich honeyed, animalic tones.

Sahara Noir’s Eastern largesse remains undiluted but the dry down does have an element of amber powderiness by way of the labdanum resin, ambreinol paired with Benzoin from Laos., cedar, our old friend Frankincense resin, agarwood and Peruvian balsam. All aim to  keep its presence persistent.

Sahara Noir’s personality is fearless and confident rather than big and showy-offy. With all that depth and luxury, why would she be anything else? Sahara Noir has enough glory and charisma to persuade Western converts in designer heels as cash-rich, Middle Eastern sophisticates. As its name suggests, this is a fragrance for hot nights and climes. What are you waiting for? Follow the incense trail.

Available at Tom Ford Beauty counters nationwide throughout the UK from May 2013, Tom Ford Sahara Noir EDP (50ml) is priced £100.

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