Floris launches Soulle Ambar

by Katie on June 6, 2013

Floris have a new kid on the block. Or they will have come September 2013. And to celebrate their forthcoming release, Floris threw a Summer party flowing with Ruinart champagne and with pineapple and pink peppercorn champagne cocktails to reflect the fragrance’s make-up.
This English perfume institution, founded in 1730, that has a legion of traditionalist followers, like the Monarchy itself is moving with the times and taking modernity (with a small ‘m’) to its heart. As well as opening their beautiful Ebury Street store last year (in one of London’s most exclusive niche  shopping areas) and launching their exclusive ‘By Request’ service and Floris Private Collection, the esteemed perfume house with royal patronage is releasing the Soulle Ambar range.
Five years in the making, Soulle Ambar, meaning sunlight and eastern wind, reflects the Floris family’s original Spanish origin. The fragrance is an instant spot of Summer sun on first spray. With its burst of fresh pineapple and bergamot to add to the green galbanum and lentisque, the fragrance opens into a delicious modern floral with its combination of geranium, jasmine and meliot. Of course, being one of those new fangled modern fragrances appealing to a new consumer, there is the obligatory pink peppercorn. (Will it every stop?). Yes, it does add a dose of spice that commercially means that Soulle Ambar will double the appeal to men as well as women but this writer thinks it could have been delightful enough without this.

What does occur with Soulle Ambar is a rich and creamy dry down that has all the appeal of a very sophisticated and complex fragrance. A soft comforting bed of amber, vanilla and musk ensures its longevity on the skin. 

Soulle Ambar is impressive in that it manages to transform before your eyes (or under your nose). What first appears as a bright young stripling, all bouncy and fresh grows up very quickly and becomes a bewitching beauty without your realisation. It’s only when she attracts admirers that you recognise that she’s something pretty special.

Released in September 2013, the Soulle Ambar range comes as a 100ml EDT (£75), a 50ml EDT (£55), Bath Essence (50ml at £55), Bath & Shower Gel (250ml  at £26), Body Moisturiser (250ml at £28), Luxury Soap (£23 for 3 x100g) and Talcum Powder (£19 for 100g).

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