Natura Bisse’s Bubble Oxygen Facial at One Aldwych

by Katie on June 25, 2013

As things go it was a first. When I was invited by the team at One Aldwych to have an Oxygen facial, little did I think it would mean that I was to be given an in-depth facial, shoulders, arm and feet massage inside a 99% pure oxygen tent especially erected in one of One Aldywch’s side rooms in their Health Club area.

It was only while changing for the facial (yes, I had to strip down to a inch thick towelling robe) that I realised that One Aldwych also had a pool in the basement. The swimming costume paraphernalia was the big clue. I had always been sure it was only a health club and sauna but there we go, splash splash was heard and I did a quick nosey recce before venturing on outward for the Oxygen facial.
Lying in a white tent that’s fully zipped for the experience and to keep the oxygen pure, it reminded me a bit of that scene in E.T where Eliot’s hooked up to the little alien in a pair of sterile tents….it must have been the pure oxygen affecting my brain. but random thoughts kept piling on such as ‘I wonder who makes these?’.

Anyway, the beautician started my Natura Bisse Bubble Oxygen facial by cleansing in swooping motions then spritzing with refreshing and balancing Tolerance Toner that contains elderflower extracts. This followed with a 30% low grade Glyco Peel which, being comprised of fruit acids non abrasively eats away at dead skin cells leaving skin refreshed. While the Glyco Peel was working its 10 minute wonder, the beauty therapist massaged shoulders, arms and feet – a bonus to make you further relaxed.
Glyco Peel removed and spritzed this time with Intensive Tolerance Booster, an Oxygen Finishing Gel Mask was applied to restore vitality with it’s high content of ‘living water’ to purify any remaining clogged pores. After removing this, the therapist then set about applying Nature Bisse Pure Serum, a concentrate that combines ingredients to detoxify and repair damaged cells and elevate the levels of skin hydration. A rich Oxygen Cream was then added to ensure skin was further hydrated and super supple and radiant.
What’s the point of the Bubble? Well, apart from a innovative gimmick, the Bubble does have real worthy benefits. Because the air in the bubble is 99.5% pure oxygen, it means it’s scrubbed clean of pollens, pollutions, fragrances, irritants, so you actually do feel so much better having spent time in it. (Currently being attacked by tree spores and sneezing madly, I wish it were portable). Also, due to the higher concentration of  oxygen, your skin receives the serums and treatments better in this environment. What you’re left with is scrupulously clean skin and a highly relaxed body. And who doesn’t want that.

Natura Bisse’s Bubble Oxygen Facial is currently available at One Aldwych priced at £90 for 60 minutes of relaxing intense treatment. Bubble facials are available until 30th June so be quick to book. Well worth the indulgence.

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