Harrods Explodes with Fragrance – Meet The Perfumers

by Katie on August 19, 2013


You know how I tend to bang on a lot about the most exquisite perfumes and the perfumers who make these? Well, if you are at all interested in the art or perfumery or would like to meet ‘the noses’ who make the most well known and exclusive perfumes in the world, then get down to Harrods from 22nd August-20th September. The department store has been more than visionary this past year with spotlights and exhibitions on Dior’s history, handbags and now it’s time to focus on the luxury that we can all buy into: perfume.


From this Thursday, the public can sign up to special workshops (from £30) and one-to-one consultations and meet the creators of those perfumes that cause you to swoon or remind you of special times. The perfumers of the world’s top houses are the perfume world’s equivalent of Rock Stars or major league designers so this event is quite the big deal.

Thursday kicks off with a workshop by Swiss fragrance house Givaudan (who have created many of the world’s top perfumes for designers) while Friday sees Floris’ in-house perfumer, Shelagh Foyle, hold a masterclass and preview Floris’ new perfume releases. Names like Christine Nagel (for Jo Malone), Roja Dove, Oliver Creed and Joanna Norman for Chanel will be holding similar events so check our Harrods website for details. Me, I’d opt for an evening with Guerlain’s Thierry Wasser in interview with Harrods’ Marigay McKee (on Thursday, 5th Sept) or hear Thomas Fontaine for Jean Patou discuss how women’s relationship with perfume has changed from the 1930s (on 2nd Sept).

You may just get the chance to meet one of the great perfumers of our time.

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