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by Katie on August 13, 2013

Colour Crush Matt Lipstick Red Siren & Lid HR_INCOLPJ036

Two lipstick brands popped through my letterbox in the last few days, from brands I know but have never sampled.

Body Shop regaled me to ‘Fall In Love’ with their new ‘Colour Crush’ Lipsticks, and you know, if they smelled as lovely as they looked and applied I just might. I realise that Body Shop’s sound ethics try to negate any additional fragrance and additives where unrequired and they do say there’s a delicate floral rose fragrance present but this is all too faint, and this girl’s addicted to scent in all product areas. The slight whiff of Guerlain or YSL’s very distinctive lipstick scent in enough to get me in the mood for a night out.

lipsticks 001

lipsticks 002

Body Shop’s Colour Crush range is made from Marula oil (and helping sustain a women’s cooperative). This new range is a colour burst of soft, thick colour that applies in a swoosh. There are 24 sumptuous shades available ranging from nudes to soft pinks and big ravishing reds. I sampled three colours (above) – Passionate Pink, Enraptured Red and Coral Cutie (my fave – a bright orange shade).  Colour Crush is every bit as moisturising and high in pigment as it claims but you may need to either ‘top-up’ a fair bit or apply some Lipcote as the heavily moisturised texture means that good for lips also means a fair share is left on glasses and cups. Still, these are a step up for Body Shop in terms of product, packaging and range colour. Notably, the new Colour Crush range replaces the current Body Shop Colourglide range. Each lipstick is priced £10 (available from Body Shop stores from 20th August).


Now you just have to say the word Karsdashian and I’m running for the hills. I can proudly claim that I’ve never watched an episode of ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ nor tried the much-hyped perfume and nor am I ever likely to. So when a small bundle of fake lashes, glitter priming gel and a lipstick popped through my door courtesy of, I grabbled with the notion of heading to Tesco with ‘side long glance lashes’ applied, then parked the idea (I’ll save them for another day) and instead tried the Kardashian Beauty Joystick, which does indeed sound faintly Ann Summers’y. But lose that thought, as the Joystick Lip Lacquer is an intense moisture twist up lipstick pen in a similar, but thinner, style to the Clinique Chubby Sticks, but non-chubby and slender like the Kardashians (when non-pregnant) themselves.

lipsticks 003The Joystick Lip Lacquer surprised me as it a) wasn’t in a colour I’d normal touch – a pale Babydoll Pink with more than a touch of ‘60s no-lips and b) because it was decidedly chicer than I’d give the Kardashians credit. I tested this new colour all weekend in the safety of my flat and even wore it on an evening out without scaring the masses. It’s probably best worn with a tan, but let’s face it, it’s not likely to happen with this degree of ‘Twilight’ paleness, so I can vouch that it can be worn by porcelain types, so long as you keep the eyes heavy to balance it out. The Kardashian Beauty Joystick Lip Lacquer is £10.95, which is another surprise, as I thought this range would be decidedly less expensive, bearing in mind they’re more TOWIE than Hollywood despite their claims and even hailing from the Hills.

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