Is this Samsung’s Best Ever SmartPhone? The Samsung Galaxy Note 3

by Katie on October 14, 2013


When I held it in my hand I knew it was love at first sight. First, it was the size and then it was the weight. Hush up out there you smutty people! I’m talking of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 3, a beautiful device just made for caressing in your hands while bashing away at social media. And with Samsung Galaxy’s famous S pen that allows the user to do all sorts of swishy things with one click, like action memo, pen window, use screen writer or start a scrapbook.

The sleek Samsung Galaxy Note 3 straddles the ground between tablet and phone (a phablet, if you must) and it’s ergonomic beauty makes an iPhone 5/5S user feel ever so clumsy all-of-a-sudden. Remember the days (not so long past) when it was all about cramming as much tech ability into the smallest phone device? Well, big just got so much better and relevant. And Samsung is leading the way. It may seem larger than the average smartphone but boy, is it slim and slick. It makes sense that fabby shoe designer, Nicholas Kirkwood, launched the device at London Fashion Week S/S’14 as he has designed a range of ‘chevron’ enhanced accessories for the device, answering questions on how he used the device as an aid to his design and of how new technology went hand-in-hand with advances in design – appearances not withstanding. The whole phone is only 8.3mm thick and altogether it’s very neat, clean and swish to look at from the front.

An area where Samsung seems to be going from strength to strength is in display technology as evident than the expansive 5.7-inch touchscreen embedded in the front of the Galaxy Note 3. It’s nothing short of wowtastic with fantastically robust colour, contrast and brightness. This largesse in screen size allows users to fully utilise the additional screen space with a stunning and defined video viewing experience for watching Full HD content, distinct clarity for reading and an elegant canvas for content creation. Samsung Galaxy Note 3’s ‘My Magazine’ also provides personalised news, social media, entertainment and in-the-moment content experience.


In terms of hardware, connectivity and web, I can only say that my brief experience was enjoyable and cannot wait to try this model long-term. I know that it comes with masses of storage (32GB & 64GB). Samsung also throws in 50GB of DropBox cloud storage for free – a boon for bloggers. In terms of wifi access, the phablet has duel band Wifi and Wi-Fi Hotspot.  In terms of user experience, the previously impressive camera packed Samsung Galaxy S4 zoom (pictured above) seems heavy-weight and clunky by comparison. Yes, the latter is brilliant for action pics and for bloggers on the move and at catwalk shows & events (really more an occasion use camera than a daily smartphone), the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 wins hands down for daily use – I could get addicted to this one as much as my Galaxy 10.1 Tablet.

The Galaxy Note 3 is priced between £620-£680 Sim free from various retailers. Or, seek out monthly contract deals. The Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom is priced £440 or available with contract deals from outlets like Carphone Warehouse.

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