Oud Fleur Enters with a Flourish in Tom Ford’s Private Blend Oud Collection

by Katie on November 9, 2013

Tom Ford Oud Fleur - 50ml

Mr Ford’s more than proven that he can do an addictive and best-selling perfume. He has a weighty selection already, all with their unmistakeable sophisti-Ford generic look that’s true to brand and an air of superiority in style and ingredients. It’s true to say that if you like one particular Tom Ford perfume, you’re bound to like another. He’s a clever bod. That’s how one get’s hooked.

Black Orchid is the leader of the pack at Ford HQ. In a few years it’s become the Tom Ford version of Chanel No.5, with droves of followers who like its deep, heady, over-bearing sexiness. Wearing a Ford concoction is a perfume equivalent of a sporting the latest Celine, Loewe, YSL or Balenciaga tote. It says, I’m in the know re. the acceptable face of fashion. It’s no wonder, then, that Ford lovers, who are attracted to his suave, sleek essence, don’t shy away from bold. Bold is big, Bold is Beautiful, But bold is usually also wrapped up in a hit-you-where-it hurts unforgettable fragrance. Ford women like to be noticed. Cue Mr Ford’s shock of deep and sexy perfumes that range from (the aforementioned) Black Orchid, Sahara Noir and Violet Blonde to the Private Blend Collection with beauties such as Jasmin Rouge and Black Violet.

One of the the most popular sophisto-murky fragrances that TF has released is Oud Wood with its narcotic rose wood, oud , sandalwood and cardamom. Now re-invigorated, it is presented as part of a Private Blend Oud Trio that’s sure to excite those with a head for over-indulgence, an eye for the unusual and deep of pockets (at £140 for 50ml).

Says Tom Ford, “I have wanted to revisit oud for years; it is one of the most endlessly fascinating ingredients in a perfumer’s palette. For this collection, I explored how oud could intertwine with other precious ingredients from the rich and storied culture and artisanal traditions of the Middle East.”

This Private Blend Oud Collection explores three mesmerising and sensual facets of oud as two new oud fragrances join Private Blend Oud Wood. The new fragrances, Private Blend Oud Fleur and Private Blend Tobacco Oud, share the signature elements of the original Oud Wood—oud, sandalwood and patchouli—then follow two unique and contrasting directions.

Oud Fleur creeps up on the wearer. It’s very much a floral and feminine oud without being overtly sickly and deeply heavy though it does give a definitive kick-in-the-pants. Firstly, rather like another Oud I reviewed a little while ago (Ex Idolo’s Thirty Three), it is made from a perfected belnd of oud wood, crafted over 20 years to give a finer, smoother body. It is also streaked through with soft, velvety sandalwood (a defining element), patchouli and mysterious styrax, cistus and leather for a deeper texture. However, this is, or rather becomes a light oud with wear. It’s sweet blend of Rose Bulgaria with Rose Absolutes Morocco & Turkey make this brim with sensuality. It is a dip of restraint, added by the cinnamon bark and a higher, sharper burst of geranium that keeps this grounded and from being either too flighty or too narcotically sickening. Given time, Oud Fleur mellows out and has echoes of a 1920s classic when perfumes were heavier but brimmed full of feminine allure.

The good news is that lovers of the Private Blend Oud Collection can go forth and multiply (their product use).  There’s an Oud Wood Body Moisturizer, Oud Wood Shower Gel and Oud Wood Bath Soap, all perfumed with the original Oud Wood fragrance.

The Private Blend Oud Collection is available from Tom Ford counters from November 2013.

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