Versace’s Couture Slave to the Rhythm

by Katie on January 21, 2014


You can trust Ver-Says to go all glam on our asses at any time, nevermind couture.  So you could practically hear our shrieks when La Donatella gave us Grace Jones ‘Slave to the Rhythm’ type snoods on dresses and jackets, sharp shoulders, see-through panelling, sheeny metallic come fluid sheaths and fur…great big, swishy, trailing swathes of it. Rich Bitch personified.


Donatella seems to be (like Kylie, of the same 1990’s period) taking a ‘Step Back in Time’. Yes, the press release banged on about the ‘juxtaposition of glamour and mystery’ and ‘the elegance and power of the contemporary goddess’ but this, in actual fact, was stellar, en pointe, class Versace in its heyday. And oh how we love it.


Chains of Swarovski crystal draped on evening wear, fur bolts and black suede embellished with jet crystals all spelt out GLAMMA. The only thing missing was the logo t-shirt. ‘At couture?’ I hear you cry aghast.  Maybe next time. As Grace sang, ‘Keep it up, keep it up.’

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