Gucci’s American Hustle

by Katie on February 19, 2014


There’s a touch of ye’ olde Tom Ford in this Gucci collection. Mixed with Prada from Miuccia’s heyday. And, to be honest, it’s all the better for it.


Frida Giannini seems to be veering left and right in her last few collections at Gucci. Perhaps it’s clutching at straws. Perhaps it’s because there’s a big design team involved and the board to please*. (*See returning to Gucci’s look and phenomenal success while under the vision of master Tom). Or, perhaps she’s still steering a path forward for a new, reinvented Gucci that will please as many fashion eds as it does boardroom bosses and women with plenty dollah. It’s all about the sass not the sexiness, don’t you know?


This collection was pretty tight in everyday tailoring and casual pieces as much as the statement pieces of fur coats, ‘70s style American Hustle glasses, snakeskin boots and ‘60s  A-line mini dresses and preppy peacoats. The leather and vinyl trims made sure that this largely retrospective collection was brought up to date in terms of relevance. Even if it did juxtapose the late 60s vibe against the mid ‘70s influence. And, there were plenty of clutches and oversized new-style Gucci bags and boots to sell the brand name, if that’s your ‘thang.


Fur sweatshirts and leather trews or cut-off pants in muted ‘;70s shades may be difficult for your average woman to carry off but there was enough swagger and touches of louchness for your avid Gucci’phile to lunge at. Perhaps not the best collection. But certainly not the worst, either.

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