Cartier updates La Panthere. And It’s A Slinky Beast.

by Katie on March 26, 2014


It’s the first time that I’ve written a review since I won a Jasmine Award earlier in the month. (YES, I WON A JASMINE AWARD! Hands in the air etc). I’m kicking off with Cartier. And no, it’s not because I like the alliteration but because I seriously love this new version of La Panthere which I’ve been using liberally in the last couple of weeks. And here’s why.

This big feral floral that’s taking big 1980s bravado to a new height has all the largesse and assurity of a perfume that’s come of age. With its souped up, beautifully carved-from-the-inside bottle, with its modernist panther glare, it’s heavy weight feel that sits snugly in the hand and means business and its cubist approach, La Panthere had me at ‘Hello’. Just like in that brooding masterpiece, ‘Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf’?’ where it’s really intimated ‘Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf’, La Panthere’s steely, sophisticated presence looms large and intimidates but doesn’t ever bite. It may scare the more timid horses but not the thoroughbreds, for sure.

This raw yet warm, feral yet fruity, floral chypre has me in a daze. Gardenias explode and are tamed with a crack of the whip while chypre like mossiness and musk combine to make this concoction quite the temptress. There’s hints of juicy, too ripe apricots and a splice of spicy anise, yet, the whole is much, much more than the sum of the parts. It’s shiny, golden radiance is the overriding feel when wearing La Panthere as well as its ‘grown-up’ attitude. It’s very, very approachable for such a slinky contemporary beast. The 1980s shoulder pads may be gone but the meaningful stride, confidence and charisma remains. I love it.

La Panthere is available exclusively from Harrods from 9th March 2014 and at selected dept stores throughout the UK from 7th April 2014. La Panthere is priced £49 (30ml), £72 (50ml), £90 (75ml). Body Lotion is £36 (200ml) and £34 for Shower Gel (200ml)

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