Givenchy’s Cuir Blanc

by Katie on March 29, 2015


Boom! I knew it had arrived with its sweet bowl-you-over waft of loveliness seeping through the packaging.  Cuir Blanc is a sparkling, addictive line of white narcotic joy wrapped in expensive new handbag leather. It’s white pepper on white musk on white leather layers all add a little bit of difference. Pristine and elegance personified.

First, there’s the luminous whiff of pepper as a hookline which opens to a much bolder hint of musk. This is not unlike the beautiful early Tom Ford white musk collection that rocked my world that included musk pure, jasmine musk, white suede and urban musk. A deadly sin to have so many of these discontinued before they’d been allowed to breathe. Much like killing a sacrificial perfect lamb to the Gods as a gift of the Tom Ford perfumes success to come. But I digress.

Cuir Blanc is an ultimately approachable and wearable cut-above-the-rest prettiness, even if the initial oomph dies down too quickly. Still, there’s a beautiful trail of softness and exquisiteness in the dry down even if it is much fainter than expected.

There’s an overall feel of natural skin scent. Warm, fuzzy, raised fine hair that catches the gentleness of this vibe. Newly scrubbed and wearing ironed white cotton. It’s a baby’s breathe of warmth and very, very Givenchy. It’s finish may not be the suckerpunch of its beginning but it remains classy throughout.

Cuir Blanc, L’Atelier de Givenchy is exclusively available to Harrods priced £140 for 100ml.

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