Chutzpah’s Barometer–The Caitlyn Jenner-Free Edition

by Katie on June 5, 2015




Shoes Pleasure & Pain at The V&A (13th June 15 -13th Jan 2016). One I can’t really miss, can I? Being the shoeholic I am. Some would call me obsessed. I call myself a collector. If only I could get my hands on these babies by Caroline Groves.

Jamie XX ‘In Colour’ – The frontman for one of fashion’s favourite bands releases his debut solo album. Watch the video to lead track ‘Loud Places’, featuring The XX cohort Romy Madley-Croft, HERE.

Lee McQueen on the £20 note – The Bank of England wants a British icon from the visual arts to appear on the reverse of the new £20 note, and England’s greatest ever designer would be our choice.


Alaïa Paris – The debut scent from cult couturier and “totally important designer” Azzedine Alaïa is said to smell like “cold water falling on hot chalk”. Katie is obviously on the case.

Reformation – Eco-friendly fashion from across the pond, currently gaining traction with those in the know.

The Chocolate Hoax – Proof that some beauty and lifestyle journalists will swallow any bad science if it’s hyped up enough.


Giambattista Valli x 7 For All Mankind – Catwalk-inspired capsule collaboration from the premium denim brand and Paris-based designer. Now this truly IS designer denim (pictured right). ALL THE LOVE.


Charli XCX tampons – A brand extension which, thankfully, stayed on the drawing board.

Dad Bod – Inherently sexist health phenomenon (when was it ever okay for women to let themselves go just a little bit?) pushed by ageing, paunchy lad mag journos. We urge all good women to get on their cases.

Pixie Lott playing Holly Golightly – One is a quintessential popular culture icon, the other is a bleached Italia Conti Essex popstrel with a fading music career and way hotter boyfriend. Truman Capote will be spinning in his grave.

The Cher for Marc Jacobs ad campaign – If you’re going to champion older women then don’t dress them up and airbrush them to the extent they resemble a creepy Victorian porcelain doll. While the internet loses their ‘sheet’ over this, we’re staying on the side of reason.

The ‘Eastenders’ gay kiss “outrage” – 28 years ago a gay kiss on ‘Eastenders’ caused public hysteria. This week a kiss between characters Ben and Paul sparked a similar furore. Have we really moved on so little?


The Hermés crocodile hoodie – Remember the $91,500 crocodile T-shirt? Well high-end luxury raising-the-stakes-of-luxury-as-stupidity Hermés has certainly outdone itself this time. Sure it looks lovely, but, well, really?


Kidults – To everyone coveting those Minnie Mouse-inspired dresses, the Van’s Disney shoes, or the exclusive-to-Selfridges ‘Despicable Me’ Minions products, we offer a hearty GROW THE FECK UP! Honestly, you’ll thank us for it later.

The Middle Class Food Crisis – Feeling faint at the thought of the predicted Prosecco shortage? (Katie’s actually doing cartwheels as it stops the cheaper PR events from foisting it upon us). The scarcity of almond milk? The global olive oil drought and dwindling avocado supplies? Perhaps then you need to have a Pot Noodle or Heinz beans on toast and get over yourself? Just a thought.

Barometer written and compiled by Lee Clatworthy (@bombfashion) and @katiechutzpah.

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