FOM London’s Revitalising Hair Serum

by Katie on June 7, 2015


Born with naturally wavy hair, it’s been a lifelong struggle to tame it. Sometimes it feels like it’s me vs. my hair, especially on those light drizzly rain days or when it’s particularly humid. I know. You feel my pain. Which is why, when you discover a particularly good hair product that either smooths, conditions or both, you are sent into paroxyms of joy. I am that easily pleased. This product languished on my shelf for some time before being given the respect it deserves. My bad.

What is it?

It’s a light yellow, lightweight serum with a dropper dispenser that’s 100% natural and is enriched with phyto complex for super shine and repair. Added plus? It smells glorious – slightly floral with a citrus edge. It contains jojoba oil for shine, elasticity and softness, rosehip oil to treat dry & damaged hair, manketti oil for nourishment & protection, buritti oil for moisturisation & strength and passionflower oil which encourages hair growth.

What are its benefits?

It glides on light and silky smooth and a little goes a long way. It can be applied to shampooed, towel dried hair (my preference) where you instantly feel and see the smoothing effects. Used with a tangle tease to spread ‘the love’, this product has no heavy residue which flattens and dulls hair. And, it makes styling and blow drying that whole lot easier. We love a product that’s easy to apply and tames the mane. End result? Smooth, more glossy locks.

How much does it cost?

It costs £29 for 100ml available HERE.

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