Tom Ford Noir Pour Femme–The ‘It’ Perfume of 2015

by Katie on July 1, 2015


There are some fragrances that have the ‘it’ factor. They breathe self assurance and bestow confidence and allure as soon as they’re worn. Some also have the ability to entrance the wearer almost as much as their intended prey (singular or plural). Step forward the big new launch of 2015 that’s sure to win bountiful awards and captivate millions – Tom Ford Noir Pour Femme.

This is a sultry, sexual advance with no holds barred. (It should be perfect for some of the women I know). There is nothing brash or upfront though. Tom Ford Noir Pour Femme is a slow, dark, sweet slide into sensuality. The fragrance is based around the duality of a woman – from the vulnerable romanticism of her femininity to her ability to power strut and turn heads with her presence. Tom Ford Noir Pour Femme aims to to capture the paradox between ‘come get me’ and ‘I’ll hunt you down’.  A floral oriental with a huge creamy, sweet Indian Kulfi accord that gives it its addictive hit.


In its initial burst there’s a race of fresh bergamot and mandarin oil with scrapings of spicy ginger to sharpen things up. Then comes the heaps of rose absolute before a heady top class jasmine and orange flower kick in to open the heart right up. This is when Noir Pour Femme begins to act like the narcotic Mata Hari she is. Working her sweet, powerful air of intoxication better than three straight up Martinis with a twist ever could.

If the heart doesn’t get you, the base will. Again, hit after hit of sexy, sweet intrigue and addiction. Soft vanilla and a beautiful prime amber and sandalwood only serve to heighten the sense you’ve been ‘Tom Ford-ed’.

Noir Pour Femme is a sweeter step forward than the equally gorgeous but more Middle Eastern, smoky Sahara Noir. Another (Eastern) delight from the Tom Ford range of fragrances. But unlike Sahara Noir, this release seems more for minxes hell bent on entrapment.  I’m game. It’s a wham-bam head turner and I’m hooked. Layer it with the rich and velvety Tom Ford Noir Pour Femme hydrating body emulsion and let the games begin. Let’s just see if it’s catnip for men. Hang on to your hats. Or rather, your boyfriends.

Tom Ford Noir Pour Femme launches 20th July 2015 30ml, 50ml and 100ml from Tom Ford counters at Harrods, Selfridges and House of Fraser.

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