Boot’s No 7 Turns Colour On Its Head

by Katie on August 6, 2015


Colour association is one of the most basic and commonly known indicators of feeling. Red for anger/raunchiness, pink for joy/happiness, orange for daring, black for a negative state or absence of emotion, unless you’re in the fashion industry. Which of course, just means chic and uniform or rather, ‘I didn’t fuss over this outfit and just pulled in on as over-busy’.

Boot’s No & have taken the unusual and somewhat contradictory stance of showing the alternate emotion with a slick of make-up colour not associated, using real women, as ever, to promote their egalitarian ‘No 7 is for everyone’ stance. Using powerfully contradictory statements about colour and feeling, like ‘serious pink’ and ‘quiet red’, the new campaign is inspired by the belief that women use cosmetics to bring out how they’re feeling, not to cover themselves up.


No7’s aim is to help women feel great about beauty and themselves. ie. They shouldn’t feel bound by accepted colour associations or be pressured by latest trends. In fact, independent research* states only 13% of women like to follow fashion trends in colour cosmetics and less than a fifth (14%) feel confident experimenting with bright looks.

The campaign transforms the usual approach to colours and the feelings associated with them. So if you’re feeling quiet and mellow and want to express it with a pop of red, often associated with boldness or intensity, go ahead. Or why not bring out your bright side with a splash of grey and reveal your serious side with a slick of bright pink? What works for one woman might be totally different to another.


To be honest, I don’t know if this works as colour is such an intrinsic part of personality and psychology – you can’t change thousands of years of conditioning overnight, right?. And mostly, (and this isn’t covered) a woman may just like to matchy-match the colour she’s wearing to her outfit. It can be (and often is) that basic.

Nice conception and idea and, of course, a talking point, which is the aim of the campaign. The straight-forward  truth resounds more than the campaign: No 7 have a terrific range of beauty and skincare at reasonable pricing that suits the largest demographic. Ta dah!

* 1 911 female internet users aged 16+ who use eye, lip and/or nail cosmetics, Attitudes towards colour, May 2014, Mintel

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