Pugh’s Drag Red Light Call Girls

by Katie on September 20, 2015


Well that was a shocka! And no, I’m not referring to the quite quite brilliant, scarily reminiscent of Galliano/Margiela bag-lady meets clown make-up, but to the fact that Pugh, ever known for his doomsday Goth outlook, seemed to rejoice in colour. When I say colour, I mean red. Crimson, bright resplendent red that worked brilliantly in stripes, fringing, latex tights and ornate pussy bow collar jackets paired with the sharpest, wide, kick-ass trousers. This was a more commercial if still genius Pugh. And the ‘g’ word doesn’t get banded around this blog a great deal.pugh2


Pugh’s new found assuredness may have been down to him showing in bright vibrant Soho and those Donna Summer’esque Bad Girls that frequent it (or did, until it was gentrified) in the midst of a city that gave his design talent wings. Gareth aims to shock but in a sophisticated outré manner that Daphne, Roisin and Gaga will surely love and make their own. Pugh’s devotees reek of confidence and personality. Much like Pugh’s body of work, that grows with talent and distinction each season.


Money was sewn into the clothing in a gesture that showed that the wearer become the currency. You wear your currency and your persona quite literally on your sleeve. This was an ode to the big emboldened personalities like the drag queens that still stalk Old Compton Street’s ‘Admiral Duncan’.


Nightclubbing Red Light Pugh was high on energy and pulse. Razor sharp silk faille suits, body-come-skirt suits worn with sexualized latex tights, flowing slashed silk chiffon. Mongolian fur and sequin paillette hotpants shimmied and shuffled with sexuality.Slashed ‘Studio 54 meets Mugler’ swimsuit style tops and wide pants, harlequin swagger coats and one sleeve dresses are sure to bring sales and well as sighs. Pugh’s a clever man. Oh, the irony that a collection that is his hottest to date, rife with the message that Soho is selling out, just may bring him his biggest acclaim and the money to boot.

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