No.12 Lacha by ODIN New York

by Katie on February 3, 2016


No.12 Lacha by ODIN is as sumptuous and narcotic with a deep masculine thrust as ever a perfume is likely to get. This is the essence of luxury masculinity in fine tailoring, measured and with good taste, kicking back in a Mayfair or St James gentleman’s club – aged Chesterfield Oxblood leather, sandalwood, crackling fires, the whiff of cigar smoke and the hint of all encompassing pheromones and ego.

And, like the very best on-the-edge masculine tinged fragrance, it takes a ballsy, breathy, bodacious woman to carry it off. The kind who likes her men and whisky straight. And while she can play coy and demure, she would much rather let her hair loose than be culturally constrained, except for the corset or stockings variety. A 21st Century woman who doesn’t so much as crash members’ clubs, as make them her own and her home from home as she’s earned her entry. The men can stay. She likes their vibe as much as their attention whether at ‘the club’ or in the boardroom. Enter ODIN No.12 Lacha to make her (or him) feel that bit more indulged and cosseted, wherever. The feelings that are sought and nurtured at any premium members’ space.


ODIN No.12 Lacha appears as black as the darkest of hearts in its thick, square, glass flacon – except, when held up to bright light, is actually a deep, rich, amber, aged brandy hue that releases its cacophony of multi-cultural images when sprayed. The opening story may well be the fine gentleman’s club, peppered (literally) with taste and the woman or man who frequents there, but as the fragrance dies down, the second movement is of a wealthy Indian establishment – all warmth, heat radiating from golden, viscous honey liquid in a room filled with carnations sprinkled liberally with nutmeg, saffron and cumin. Patchouli runs throughout, but the most luxurious strain. Devoid of any chokiness or harshness. The feel of the fragrance glides from soft, buffed leather to a seductive suede – like Victorian pale skin in gossamer soft suede gloves. Protected from the harsh reality of London life by the finest veil of perfume ingredients.

ODIN No.12 Lacha delivers on its promise as any good fragrance should. It plays with the wearer’s emotions, lifting them, temporarily, to another space, enriching their experience and adding a touch of luxury…for a while at least.

No.12 Lacha by ODIN New York is priced £125 (100ml) and available from, Liberty and Fenwick.

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