Juliette Has A Gun’s Into The Void. To Infinity & Beyond

by Katie on August 31, 2016


Juliette Has A Gun’s Romano Ricci isn’t averse to playing with ideas nor ingredients. With his latest limited edition release*, Ricci has played with the enigma of space and time, querying what it’s like to be ‘out there’ in deepest darkest space, toying with a trip into an all encompassing darkness, the lure of the black hole and of embracing the void.

Much like Timothy Leary and his forays with the mind and expanded consciousness (swayed by the use of LSD), Ricci uses perfume as his muse and microcosm. The Void, whether internal or external, should not be avoided (see…it’s even in the language), but to be experimented with. To draw us out of our comfort zone and expand our experience. While ‘the void’ may be feared, Ricci imagines the sweetest, soft, intense trip. A spray and sprinkling of velvety smooth, amber infused, golden droplets leads the way into Ricci’s imagined comforting blackness. Like a talented perfumer’s catalyst to induce a state of blackness and reflection, rather than a trippy Reichian orgone box.

Built around the mystery of black holes, Into the Void sucks you into its sweet, honeyed, trail, like a spray of golden hued light in deep velvety blackness.

A tiny spray catapults the wearer into a stratospheric sphere of indulgence. Engulfed in Into The Void’s cocktail of sexy, heady guiac wood, cedar, ambroxan, patchouli, sandalwood and papyrus. This is a big leap, that leaves a vapour trail like thick expensive incense, of black orchid absolute and a tonka bean & liquorice mix. The fragrance is so thick and rich that the wearer almost feels it as a presence. A comforting, guiding one that embraces the body.

Into The Void’s intensity weaves and coils into the ether, its trail of other-worldy promise, hip-swaying its appeal.

Dark mysterious and supremely soft, Ricci’s latest addition to his luxury collection is a voyage of discovery that’s worth risking. Even with its £200 price tag (75ml).

*Available exclusively at Harrods from 4th September.

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