LM Parfums Veleno Doré

by Katie on November 30, 2017


Laurent Mazzone’s talent is undeniable. Expert in luxuriously relaying the sensory qualities of sensation, colour and pattern into his premium perfumes, Mazzone’s creations are resultantly addictive and sumptuous as any true indicator of luxury should be. These vials convey premium at a price, rich in expensive and rare ingredients with the perfumer’s artistry foremost relaying the perfume mood.

LM Parfums latest release, Veleno Doré, the second in the luxury Gold Label range, housed in black lacquer casing, is case in point.

The perfume’s visual is arresting and disturbing, as a black snake wraps itself around the juice – danger, forbidden fruit, this will bite, poison…are all the thoughts that come to mind. With an intriguing and underlying masculinity, Veleno Doré’s sensual beauty attracts the female. It takes a brave women to dive into this hedonistic, spicy chypre.


A warm blast of a rich and robust tobacco leaf is mixed with the finest patchouli with heavy doses of rum, nutmeg and chilli to spice things up. There’s a smooth velvety vanilla and amber streak that runs through this poison, making the juice deliberately and deliciously narcotic. Mazzone’s inspiration for Veleno Doré lies in a legend: “In the depths of a remote forest, the powerful snake king lurks patiently in the shadows, waiting for his prey. When the king strikes, his victim is turned into gold on contact with his extraordinary venom. Veleno Doré recounts this ancient tale where, after death, something sublime emerges.”

It has to be encountered to be believed.

LM Parfums Veleno Doré will be available as Extrait de Parfum (£395 for 100ml) from 1st October 2017 from Harvey Nichols.

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