Maybe not the Mugler Exception to the Rule but Naughty Fruity is Compellingly Comforting

by Katie on May 12, 2019


Mugler’s ‘Les Exceptions’ collection offers those with higher disposable incomes a taste of the brand’s disposition for sweetness and light perfumery with greater efficacy and oomph. The distinctive heavy-set, Art Deco inspired square bottles and serious black packaging also looks mighty statement’y pretty. This is haute perfumery, after all.

Though the house’s claim for these fine concoctions is the ‘extraordinary’ and ‘a break with tradition’, I’ve found the few that I’ve tested anything but challenging and very much in-keeping with Mugler’s Angel & Alien dynasties. This is no bad thing for fans of Mugler who know what to expect of the brand but seek an elevated and enlightened form of it. These haute perfumes raise their game within this category but retain trueness to Mugler’s core.

Where the latest release to the fold, Naughty Fruity, is concerned, I’ll get right to the point – it’s the worst name for a compelling comforting perfume that grows more appealing with wear. Anyone outside the ‘Gen Z’ age range may be challenged by the intentionally saucy name which smacks of ‘Carry On’ films and British seaside postcard humour, both of which are alien (get it?) to this generation and their aspirations for celebrity, wealth and a showy lifestyle.

Naughty Fruity is named to capture the crisp fruitiness of the thirst quenching ripeness of Mirabelle plum tinged with liquorice and honey, contrasting with the musky smooth blonde tobacco leaf accord and woody vetiver. This Jean-Christophe Herault created perfume is a great deal more sophisticated than it’s name suggests with it’s first burst of squishy sun-soaked fruit redolent of Summer in the Mediterranean which opens to a layer of sweet honeyed joy with the slow burning back-blast of a fine foreign tobacco and earthy woodiness. This is less Naughty Fruity and more Summer Hedonism.

Les Exceptions Naughty Fruity Eau de Parfum (80ml) is priced £149 and is available exclusively at and in store and online at Harrods and Fenwick, Newcastle.

Review written from a sample provided by the brand’s PR.

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