Assouline opens at Claridges

June 18, 2013

Esteemed publishing house Assouline are known globally for their roster of fashion, architecture, design and art authors and the simply breathtaking luxury works they publish. Assouline are, quite simply, synonymous with style.  The publishing house have just created ripples of delight within the fashion fraternity by  opening in the location of one of their favourite […]

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The No.5 Culture Chanel Exhibition, Palais de Tokyo, Paris

May 9, 2013

“She has, through a sort of miracle, worked in fashion, following rules that only seemed valid for painters, musicians and poets. She imposed the invisible; She imposed the nobility of silence on social commotion.” Jean Cocteau, ‘Le retour de Mademoiselle Chanel.’ We had visited Mlle Chanel’s apartment the night before. Now, it was time to […]

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Inside Mlle Gabrielle Coco Chanel’s Apartment, 31 Rue Cambon, Paris

May 8, 2013

It was billed as an additional surprise. A visit to the private apartment of Mademoiselle Gabrielle Coco Chanel, above the Chanel headquarters at 31 Rue Cambon, Paris. An entree treat prior to the main event for our little group of bloggers, invited by Chanel to be some of the first to take in the newly […]

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Iain R. Webb’s "As Seen in Blitz – Fashioning ’80s Style" reviewed

May 2, 2013

Iain R. Webb’s latest release, “As Seen in BLITZ – Fashioning ’80s Style” is like stepping through a vortex to the joy, excitement and pure creativity that working in the fashion industry in the 1980s brought. The verve, the pace, the style. London was the epi-centre of street-style fashion and music. And the world was […]

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Scream’s forthcoming Greg Miller ‘Four Corners’ exhibition

November 28, 2012

One of my favourite galleries, Scream, this week present an exhibition of new mixed media paintings by American artist Greg Miller. Miller’s abstracted backgrounds of drips, patterns, and phrases and the peeling back of layers aim to depict the impermanence of the things that surround us. His large-scale paintings and installations aim to make the most fleeting […]

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The Serpentine’s Dreamy Awards. Or is that Nightmare Experience?

September 9, 2012

On Friday night, I attended what was billed to be the first of its kind art experience at The Serpentine Gallery. The inaugural (and badly titled) ‘Dreamy Awards’ conceived and executed by artist Ed Fornieles, were supposed to spotlight everything that’s wrong (or right) about today’s fame obsessed culture. How everyone with their made-up self-referenced […]

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Go Figure – New Fashion Illustration

April 7, 2012

Fashion Space Gallery at London College of Fashion is pleased to announce its next exhibition Go Figure: New Fashion Illustration; the second in a series which showcases the brightest young talent across fashion design and illustration. Go Figure brings together more than 60 works from thirteen international fashion illustrators who work in a variety of media, from the digital to the hand-drawn […]

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Hong Kong Boutique JOYCE Collaborates with International Artists to Celebrate the New Season

March 17, 2012

One of the most innovative fashion boutiques in the world, JOYCE, has yet again been inspired to launch Spring season differently. It’s latest project sees sees the retailer collaborate with five new up and coming artists and illustrators from across the globe, including Devin McGrath, Carne Griffiths, Simon Prades, Violeta Hernandez and Vasilj Godzh. Each […]

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Krug Happiness exhibition opens at Royal Academy co-curated by Lady Amanda Harlech

December 13, 2011

Last night at Haunch of Venison in London’s West End, Krug, one of the world’s most renowned champagne houses launched the ‘Happiness’ Exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts. Celebrities from fashion, music and art including Lady Amanda Harlech, Virginia Bates, Andrew Logan, Nicky Haslam, Alex James and Jasmine Guinness attended the launch of the exhibition […]

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Scream Gallery’s Summer Party

August 8, 2011

We were there for the art but the people watching was equally as hot. Scream’s the type of gallery that pulls you in with the temptation of huge, seismographic, in your face, contemporary works that thrill in their triptastic visionary outlook and we weren’t disappointed.  But, being August, the legendary rammed nature of the gallery […]

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