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All Aboard Aesop’s Marrakech Intense

November 20, 2015

Well this was a sweet and murky surprise. Feted skincare brand Aesop released Marrakech Intense last year but it had flown over my head in the midst of moving city, country, life. So, being chatted in-depth through the range at Aesop’s latest store in Stockbridge, Edinburgh, this was a revelation. Devised in conjunction with perfumer […]

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Sisley’s Soir d’Orient

November 14, 2015

Classy Sisley always quietly releases new make-up, skincare and perfume to the market with assurance and quiet confidence as is befitting of this superior brand. Earlier this year, Soir d’Orient appeared on Sisley counters with its striking black and gold appearance and distinctive sculptured gold head top. But it’s the contents that wow, for Soir […]

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Jo Malone’s Tuberose Angelica–Big, Blooming & Ballsy

November 12, 2015

Jo Malone’s cologne intense Tuberose Angelica is one of those heavy hitters that I immediately loved, forgot about, and have rediscovered. To say it’s full blown is understatement of the year with its gigantic wave of creamy white, full blown tuberose, surely one of the most delicious bursting-with-scent-whites. Its narcotic wave of layered sweet and […]

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Moschino’s Fresh. When the Pun is the Story.

November 12, 2015

It’s Fresh alright. Cheeky, insolent, tongue-in-cheek and a talking point for sure. Moschino knows how to push the right buttons and grab headlines. Apart from the scintillating Linda Evangelista looking totally on point and as beautiful as she was in the ‘90s headlining the perfume’s campaign, juxtaposing old Supermodel class and values versus a youth […]

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Juliette Has a Gun’s Gentlewoman Has Hidden Depths

November 10, 2015

I’m a tad pre-occupied at the mo by the debonair bandying about of the phrase ‘gent’, ‘true gent’ and ‘gentleman’. A turn of phrase oft used (haphazardly) by young men in their late 20’s and early ‘30s to heap praise on a new and possibly valued acquaintance.  If only these newly termed ‘gents’ lived up […]

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Comme des Garcons’ Floriental. The Warmth of Blood & Roses

October 26, 2015

Comme des Garcons has quite carved out a niche for itself in the fragrances that divide opinion. With just as many detractors are there are lovers and devotees. I have friends who swear by the Incense Series 3 set of perfumes (Kyoto in particular) as well as one devoted to Comme des Garcons White. Objectively, […]

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Dior’s J’Adore Touche de Parfum

October 20, 2015

I’d forgotten how much I loved this fragrance. Its beautiful creamy dreamy soft subtlety with a slight glistening sheen that no amount of glamorous Charlize Theron legs in Dior perfume ads could ever properly convey. Dior’s J’Adore is probably one of modern fragrances most underrated in terms of sophistication, delivery and make-up. Perfumer-Creator, Francois Demachy […]

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Tom Ford’s Venetian Bergamot

October 13, 2015

An interesting addition to the Private Blend stable at Tom Ford, where other fresh fragrances  lie (such as the great Neroli Portofino and Costa Azzura) that cross the divide and are worn equally well by men and women. It’s obviously a winning formula, for Venetian Bergamot smacks of success with its spiced back notes to […]

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DSquared2’s WANT. You will.

October 12, 2015

I have to say, this surprised me and somewhat delighted me from the off. First, there was that uber striking design. Contemporary, bulbous, tactile, in-your-face, in a beautifully tasteful, Pierre Cardin’esque way. The gold and cream fitting together effortlessly in a an early ‘70s disco haze of Charlie-like (the fragrance, not the other stuff) reminiscence. […]

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Must de Cartier Gold

September 8, 2015

Must de Cartier has a special place in my heart. It quite simply is one of those 1980s fragrances that summed up the very tail end of the glamorous 1970s of disco and Cannes and film stars before it all went terribly wrong.(ie Thatcher and strikes and boom & bust). When launched in 1981 it […]

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