Tom Ford launches Fleur de Portofino

June 3, 2015

Tom Ford is a man who knows how to sell sexiness. Lordy! You only have to say his name and men and women alike are enraptured. He’s veritable catnip for fashion and beauty addicts. This Summer’s big launch from Mr Ford is the beguilingly big white Summer breeze floral that smacks of sunsets and balmy […]

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Jean Patou’s Heritage Collection–L’Heure Attendue

May 12, 2015

Jean Patou is regarded as one of the finer perfume houses. Since 1925, Patou’s fragrances have reflected the house’s sensibility whilst imbuing a certain je ne sais quoi. Indeed, one of two Patou fragrances launched in 1925 and latterly as a re-edition in 2014 is named Que-Sais Je? But it is the latest batch of […]

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Acqua di Parma releases Ambra

May 8, 2015

You only have to say the name Acqua di Parma to most men of taste and they’re salivating. It’s one of the few niche brands I know that all men of a certain standard seem to drool over. A bit like Charlize Theron in fragrance form. There’s the irresistible and distinctive Colonias in differing degrees […]

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Dior launches Fève Délicieuse to La Collection Privée

May 4, 2015

Here’s the heads up. It’s a May Bank Holiday. And a rubbish one at that. Stuck in the wrong end of the UK, it’s an an election week where my country appears to be rammed with delusionistas, set for sailing itself down  a la-la-land river of dreams and making me long for the Left-Right divide […]

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Givenchy’s Cuir Blanc

March 29, 2015

Boom! I knew it had arrived with its sweet bowl-you-over waft of loveliness seeping through the packaging.  Cuir Blanc is a sparkling, addictive line of white narcotic joy wrapped in expensive new handbag leather. It’s white pepper on white musk on white leather layers all add a little bit of difference. Pristine and elegance personified. […]

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Ormonde Jayne’s Black Gold. 50 Shades of Sandalwood Suaveness

February 13, 2015

It says something that in the last 9 months or so of moving city & country, illness, bereavement, heart-break and stress factor on high while confidence on low, that I’ve kinda’ missed a few things. Namely, perfume releases and launches that would have me salivating and on tenterhooks. These have whizzed by and I’ve fallen […]

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Givenchy’s Couture Fragrance – Néroli Originel

May 26, 2014

It’s a wonder that Givenchy didn’t enter this market sooner. Whereas we’ve had Chanel’s Les Exclusifs and Dior’s Collection Privee for some time, not to mention the beautiful superior exclusive offers from Guerlain such as the show-stoppingly gorgeous No. 68, Givenchy lagged behind in its niche and exclusive or as they term it, couture offer. […]

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Dior’s Cuir Cannage Beguiles. The Most Artful of Inveiglers

April 20, 2014

I’m being particularly kind to you this Easter Weekend, dear readers-of-the-over-stuffed-faces-with-chocolate. I thought it about time that I told you of the delectably indulgent and just teetering on the right side of sin release from Dior’s Privee Collection: Cuir Cannage. Cuir Cannage. Hmm. Just saying the name has me in a froth. It already has […]

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Dolce & Gabbana’s NEW Eyebrow Shaping Pencil

January 14, 2014

Dolce & Gabbana drip-feed new products into their beauty range constantly so it’s always worth dropping by Harrods to see what new tempting items have come on board. This month it’s a beautifully glam Veil Pressed Powder and a top  item for me (to save me from run-of-the-mill pfaffy eyebrow pencil sharpeners that chew up […]

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Balmain release Extatic

January 3, 2014

From the off, this is a slick new perfume launch. It’s Balmain. What else would we expect? With Olivier Rousteing firmly entrenched at the helm, after 2 years the house of Balmain is changing – going daywear, going definitely younger in feel, with overalls and flippy skirts in abundance at the SS’14 show. Balmain may […]

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