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by Katie on February 20, 2010

Oy vay! You know you’ve been out of this fashion week game for a while when the PRs look like children and there’s squillions of designers you don’t recognise. But perhaps that’s just due to the fact that it’s London Fashion Week which seems to churn out designers only to lose as many due to bad business practice and the vagaries of foreign design houses nicking the best. The only way to judge is to go with the flow and use gut instinct which has never let me down to date, so here goes…

Today, I’m concentrating on the some fabulous new lingerie designers with a vintage slant.

First up is Brazelle (; brand new to fashion week and a delightful lady who has patented her design concept (wise move) as it’s bound to be taken up by the more salubrious high street hoards. I hate the term underwear as outerwear but this little find does exactly just that with a glamorous vintage slant, sure to get the wearer noticed. Beautiful silk ‘straps’ either as halter or regular bra style are fitted with bejewelled stones as designed to be seen bra jewellery. Sold with the bra, the idea is that you can wear the bra jewellery with this bra, or unclip and connect to another bra. The Brazelle comes in two price points – the glamtastic bejewelled £300+ model or the more affordable but less glitzy circa £150 version. Both have mouthwatering colours such as peach, fuchsia and turquoise and are set to make the wearer feel extra wonderful. I can see this going down well with a vintage crowd well used to glamorous underwear. That’s if the fake baked over styled WAGS hell bent on attention don’t get there first.

Up next is ‘Yes Master’, a glorious sophisticated stylish find in a sea of normality. Made in Malta but designed in the UK, this range is already being stocked by Victoria’s Secrets in the U.S and is bound to have the fashion crew clambering for a piece of sophisticated and sensual modern vintage glam. Inspired by Donayle Luna, a ’60’s mystical and space age model, the range evokes old school Hollywood style with modern details and features including studs, crystals, silk habotai and velvet. Extreme shaping, elongated bras in sumptuous shades of navy, teal and pink, have plunge pleated necklines are paired with matching long line knickers net padding, back frill detailing and fringed leg embellishments make for va va voom fabulousness. The show stopper has to be the feather trimmed ‘Raven’ piece, as glossy and one of a kind as it sounds. Dita would certainly approve.

Oh and there’s even some uber stylish designer sex toys on show from Shiri Zinn ( At London Fashion Week. In the UK where we don’t do that type of thing! Egads! Ann Summers should take note and weep.
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