Chutzpah’s Weekly Barometer

by Katie on March 19, 2010

A light hearted look back over the past week’s good, bad and indifferent including the “don’t even go there’s”.


Maison Martin Margiela’s Untitled perfume Pure unadulterated hip in a bottle.

Desperate Housewives (Channel 4) Still great after all this time

The Mayfair Tavern A lush little hide away in Shepherds Market

Zara’s flies and dinosaurs The most covetable window props of the season.


The Eurovision Song Contest UK entry Double ugh! Rubbish dated song with new anodyne rubbish 19 year old singer. Josh Dubovie sings the UK’s 2010 Eurovision entry, “That Sounds Good To Me”. No it doesn’t. It’s even worse than normal and not in a good, ironic sense. The countries of Eastern Europe will walk all over us.

Fake leg tan I’ve tried every make and my legs are rash ridden. Am I condemned to a life of white/blue legs? Help somebody out there!

Charity Muggers As soon as the sun shines, the streets are full of eager 18 year olds in whatever charity vest, ready to lay a guilt trip on any unassuming passers-by. So amoral. Grrr.


The Kate Winslet and Sam Mendes’ split Like, whatever.

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