Plain jauntiness in M&S’s new Spring ad.

by Katie on March 26, 2010

I admit it. They had me when they used one of my fave tracks of all time. As Cheryl Lynn’s ‘To Be Real’ opening trumpet blast screamed its way onto the screen, I knew they’d taken a step in the right direction. How clever of M&S to use use a ’90s disco classic so beloved of disco bitches and A gays everywhere and previously used for Carrie’s famous catwalk strut in ‘Sex in The City’.

Here it was…a jaunty, bouncy, upbeat ad perfectly in keeping for Spring and with the clever, clean flashing graphics yelling, “Make your wardrobe earn its keep” and “Work it” (finger snap), with the end tag line, “Quality with every penny.” The top ad agency, RKCR, even had the foresight to emphasise the M&S Britishness with a plethora of red, white and blue outfits, graphics and background scenes (you see ad bods, we do actually get stuff like this…it’s not subliminal). But what went in between?

Well, we have a line up featuring the ‘so gorgeous they triple her image in lingerie’ shots of Brazilian beauty, Ana Beatriz Barros and stunning singer, VV Brown who looks fashiontastic as she sassily swings her hips and hair. Then we have Dannii…ahh, Dannii. She looks great but surely someone should have pointed out the faux pas of using ‘To Be Real’ with a botoxed for Britain Minogue who has stretch marks on her face prior to giving birth. And, what of the bump? Airbrushed and hardly noticeable. Perhaps she’ll simply give a polite cough and a minute Minogue will appear when it happens. Expectant mothers everywhere will empathise with her hardly showing, tripping down the catwalk and not complaining of piles, morning sickness and stretch marks in the real places.

Twiggy, of course is the ’60s icon model who older mums aspire to be or identify with and who M&S keep at every cost (when middle-of-the-road Mylene Klass and not-so-well-known, Noemie Lenoir have been dropped). My main gripe, M&S, comes with the use of muppet featured ‘supermodel’ turned Capital FM presenter, Lisa Snowdon. This is a woman who appears in a dress made of Kleenex ultra soft hankies for the money, for God’s sakes! Does that spell love of fashion or real woman? There’s got to be somebody better out there for you, Marksies.

And the clothes themselves? Apart from the lovely and covetable lingerie, they’re plain (mostly), serviceable, Spring like and with a sprinkling of loud floral prints and colour that the typical M&S customer adores (and I should know, as I used to work there in a past life). Nothing that will make a home counties person stand out and be different but will be seen as stylish and will amaze as it’s M&S.

The only fly in the ointment is the countless thousands of others being worn out there. Volume and mass distribution are M&S’s biggest detractors in the fashion stakes but I guess, a bod doesn’t go there to rock fashion difference.

Marks & Spencer’s TV ad is currently being shown on TV and is backed by press and billboard ads.
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Ondo Lady April 9, 2010 at 2:16 pm

LOVING the M&S new advert and I agree that song is iconic in many ways. To me M&S will always be all style but no relatively no substance. Whatever happened to Erin O’Conner and Lizzie Jagger?


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