Cool new vodka brand launches – Iceberg

by Katie on April 28, 2010

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I know this one’s not strictly fashion, but it was a rather swanky do at Kensington Roof Gardens on Monday night. It was exceedingly well organised, filled with the swish mixologists of the type who serve you in swanky hotel bars and clubs and well, it’s vodka, which is good enough for me. A girl can’t have enough champagne or vodka in her life. Preferably together, as I’ve found, in my newest and most lethal discovery, The Twinkle, care of London bartender supremo – Dick Bradsell in El Camino, Brewer street. Anyway, that’s another story but back to the swanky launch.

“Iceberg vodka is for pure and honest people, who dare to be who they really are.” I like the PR spiel already. Iceberg vodka does what it says on the beautifully cut bottle. It’s as cool and smooth as a pure vodka melting iceberg and is one of those premium brands that you’ll no doubt hear a lot about in the future or will be swilling at fashion and art bashes in the coming months. (You see, there is a fashion and art connection!). It’s pitched somewhere between Absolut and Belvedere and I can see why.

On arrival we downed vodka martinis with a twist which were smooth as silk. My friend, the gallery queen and I then switched to a mix of cool Iceberg vodka (large measure) with soda, lime and a dash of Angostura bitters which was perfect on a Spring evening as the sun set on a roof garden in Kensington. I drew the line at scoffing the duck canapes, though. My heart wasn’t in it when watching my feathered, quacky friends swim around unperturbed in the roof gardens with their mates, the flamingos.

We were all handed our 3D glasses on entry to view the launch presentation which was 3D swish, all huge floating icebergs, bottles, branding and graphics. Produced in Canada and made from 12,000 year old icebergs, these are then blended with triple distilled Ontario sweetcorn to produce the vodka. Already this vodka has won Gold medals and ‘Best Buys’ globally, here there and everywhere so I’m certain it’s not long before it’s literally on the tips of the UK’s discerning vodka drinkers’ lips in the UK in the near future.

The launch event was aimed at getting the premium bar industry on board before launching in wholesalers and retailers up and down the country so, as yet, you can’t buy it…but be patient, folks. Anything good is worth waiting for. We were shown clever bar machines that serve the ice cold vodka at -21 degrees and, surprisingly, the Iceberg people are only too happy for the vodka to be used as a mixer as they realise that most women don’t drink straight vodka and the product is targeted at an 80% female market. I expect fashion magazines to be lining up to advertise and feature this product as it’s literally cool and stylish. The fact that it delivers on it’s promise is a pure delight.

Iceberg vodka will retail at approx £20 per bottle when launched.
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