Female Logic

by Katie on April 7, 2010

Spring always makes me rummage. It’s the longer days and the sunshine that spur it. Add to that, a lot more of time spent at home lately as ‘in between jobs’ and you get the picture. Bored, pootering aimlessly in between internet, writing, worrying and catching up on ‘Mad Men’. When the chips are down, women always revert to how they look. There’s an inverse relationship going on there. Conversely, the better I look, usually the worse things are. ie No work and executive decision stress. Along with the additional enforced free time there’s the varied diet, lots of sleep, time to dress and make-up properly, not in a mad rush and, time to rediscover great pieces that I’d stored for ‘exactly’ times like this, when bored and of limited funds.

My thoughts go something like this, “I’m fed up of wearing those…I want to wear that. Perhaps if I keep the tights and add the new flat cowboy type boots, that’ll do it. Ta dah! A new look. Hmmm, need to use a different bag.” More often as not, its, “God, I’ve put on weight. I’m sure that used to be looser.” (GYAC, you last wore it 6 years ago when younger and thinner so, very likely). But, the good thing about rummaging is you unearth little treasures you bought when you were flush and ‘forgot about’ or as the bf says, hoarded.

Yesterday, I started the rummage. I should explain, readers. Friends will back me up here. I have various packed runner rails of clothing as well as two wardrobes and a spare room. There’s loads of vintage (and I mean great vintage) including Ossie Clark, Zandra Rhodes and Jean Varon as well as original 20s to early 60’s and hard to find wiggle dresses. There’s multitudes of Zara, Oasis and the better high street chains and loads of ‘sample sale’ and sale bargains bought rashly in better times.

This particular dive into the foray brought great results including a fabulous shocking pink coat from the late 1950’s, an amazing print embroidered, peacock blue satin dress with bell sleeves – very Prada, a pair of cheetah print hoop earrings with gold studs I bought from ‘Screaming Mimis’ on my last trip to New York, a pair of unworn Dolce & Gabbana heels and an unused, brand new, fabulous black bag with fringing from Brazilian designer, Elisa Atheniense. 

Love the latter! Was looking for something just like this recently. So why couldn’t I remember I’d actually got one? I put it down to selective memory.

My endorphin rush led me to phone the bf (mistake) to impart the news about the bag. “I’ve been with you when you bought three bags and I never see you use any of them,” he said. Quick thinking, “Aaah…” I replied, “That’s different. I know about those, I just didn’t know about this one.” There’s female logic there. It always defeats them.
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