Pixie Lott collection launches at Lipsy

by Katie on April 24, 2010

About a month ago, I attended a press launch at the lovely Kensington Roof Gardens for the launch of Pixie Lott by Lipsy. It was one of those events where you are embargoed till the launch date so can’t possibly mention it to a soul prior to then (always a bane to bloggers and pretty much an ‘old school’ not new media approach). So, it came as a surprise this weekend to discover it’s all over the net especially as I’m one of those honourable types who agrees to their part of the bargain. Not strictly an embargo then, eh, folks?

Anyway, Lipsy’s one of those great little fashion brands that you normally stumble upon in places like House of Fraser, ASOS and Top Shop but it appears that they are now set on becoming known in the own right: Enter the tabloid themed ‘Pop Princess’ Pixie Lott. Three times Brit Award nominee Pixie’s one of the new wave of British singers with a big blowsy voice tinged with Essex sweetness and exactly the type of music aimed at mediocre music loving office girls and gays. Not for me, I’m afraid. She’s no Wino or Bat for Lashes. But her appeal is definitely high street.

The Pixie Collection for Lispy has been co-designed by Pixie and inspired by her own youthful, girly style. The ‘Pixie Collection’ comprises two looks for Summer Pixie lites: Pixie Festival and Pixie Party, the latter being a smaller capsule collection.

Pixie Festival is everything you’d expect from the singer turned designer and Lipsy: bleached denim with embroidery, asymmetric cotton vests with prints of anchors and pics of Pixie herself, vintage tinged cotton dresses some floral, some sailor like and cutesy and draped maxi dresses. The collection is cute and sugar almond tinged sweet but not to be seen on anyone over 22. It has Festival tinges of high street studs, the obligatory micro shorts and faded denim and I’m certain loads of keen teens will love this. The Party Collection is a trite more doubtful. A couple of pretty, Temperley inspired chiffon dresses and a couple of others with young Bette Lynch from ‘Corrie’ written all over them; Leopard print, strapless and short. Prices are teen affordable and range from £25 to £65.

As a step in brand recognition, Lispy have made exactly the right move at exactly the right target market and for that I salute them. They have coincided the launch with a move Stateside into Bloomingdales stores. It can only be a matter of time before the next ‘British designer’ signature collection with Lipsy. These guys mean business.

Pixie Lott for Lipsy launches this week and is available from all Lipsy retail stores and concessions and from www.lipsy.co.uk Picture used courtesy of Lipsy.
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